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5 Fantastic, Deadly, and Sometimes Rude Fictional Flowers

Georgia O'Keeffe once said that no one takes the time to look at flowers. It's true that, while appreciated for their beauty, flowers aren't regarded as "serious" plants. Maybe that's why so many authors turn flowers into plants that are powerful, dangerous, and magical. In honor of Spring, here are some of our favorite fictional flowers.

Posted by Natasha Brandstatter

Orphan Black and Alice in Wonderland Mash-ups

Orphan Black Season 4 premieres April 14th which means we get more nutjob Helena—our favorite! Also clones pretending to be other clones, delicious drama, and even more hilarious moments.

As we await the moment to run homes to our TVs, we thought that Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass, in all its bizarre glory, would lend some perfect quotes to Orphan Black screen caps. Behold, our mash-up: Orphan Black Wonderland.

Posted by Jamie Canaves

If Fictional Characters Ran Their Own Bookmobiles…

This year we thought we’d celebrate National Bookmobile Day by placing some fictional characters in charge of some real life libraries on wheels. While Kimmy Schmidt is still one of our favorite imagined librarians, we couldn’t picture her driving a bookmobile through the streets of NY without ending up in an accident. So we left her happily working in the public library as we set out on the road.

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Celebrate the Most Powerful Siblings Creating Pop Culture

Since it is National Siblings’ day, we at Quirk thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the siblings who have provided us with hours upon hours in entertainment.

Posted by David Winnick

Famous Foxes in Literature

Inspired by the fox in The Little Prince, we’re taking a look at our favorite vulpine creatures in literature.

Posted by Sarah Fox

Gorgeous Tattoos Inspired By The Little Prince

(Artists Featured: Adrian at Inkys, Sasha Unisex, Artist Unknown)

This month sees the U.S. theatrical release of The Little Prince, a new 3D stop-motion animated version of the classic French children’s book by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. With stunning watercolor illustrations throughout, The Little Prince has inspired multitudes of tattoos in tribute. Here we've rounded up the very best of unusual, whimsical Petit Prince body art that wonderfully captures the spirit of the original.

Posted by Rose Moore