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Loudest Characters in Literature

(Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash)

Happy Save Your Hearing Day! In honor of this obscure and bizarre holiday, we've compiled a list of literature’s loudest characters. You know, so you can avoid them if you see them on the street (or on your bookshelf).

Posted by Sarah Fox

Advice from Fictional Millionaires

[Movie till from The Great Gatsby 2013, Warner Bros.]

Tomorrow is Be a Millionaire Day. Strange holiday, but hey, it gives these fictional millionaires a chance to pass on some of their wisdom to you. It’s up to you to decide if it’s advice worth following.

Posted by Sarah Fox

The Least Badass King Arthur Remakes

When we first saw the trailer for King Arthur: Sword of Legend, we thought, “Hey, that’s badass.” Then we got to thinking . . . are there any Arthurian legend movies that aren’t badass? Answer: there are plenty. So go see the movie and compare badass to least badass!

Posted by Sarah Fox

Fictional Characters Take Their Kids to Work

[Still from Game of Thrones, HBO]

Today is Take Your Kids to Work Day. In honor of all the children running around cubicles or staring wistfully at the candy bars in the vending machines in break rooms, we imagined what it would be like for characters to take their kids to work. Trust us, it’s better than having them stare at another motivational poster.  

Posted by Sarah Fox

Sorry, Charlie: 5 Fictional Charlies We Feel Sorry For

[Movie still from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Paramount Pictures]

It’s National Sorry Charlie Day, a time for people to come together to apologize to all the Charlies they have wronged. Fortunately, we can’t think of any Charlies we’ve wronged, so we will have to settle on feeling sorry for five hapless fictional Charlies. Note to all aspiring authors: if you want to create an unlucky character, we recommend the name “Charlie.” Everyone will be primed to pity your protagonist.

Posted by Sarah Fox

Geeky Books that Inspire Nostalgia

[Movie still from Power Rangers (2017), Lionsgate]

With the approaching release of Power Rangers, we are feeling nostalgic. We’re embracing the feeling by rounding up our favorite geeky books that inspire nostalgia. Take a trip with us…to the past!

Posted by Sarah Fox