If Fictional Characters Ran Their Own Bookmobiles…

Posted by Jamie Canaves

This year we thought we’d celebrate National Bookmobile Day by placing some fictional characters in charge of some real life libraries on wheels. While Kimmy Schmidt is still one of our favorite imagined librarians, we couldn’t picture her driving a bookmobile through the streets of NY without ending up in an accident. So we left her happily working in the public library as we set out on the road.


(Bookmobile is the Franklin Grand Isle Bookmobile)

Tina Belcher convinced Bob to convert a food truck into a bookmobile for her, but he couldn’t take time away from the restaurant to drive it. Instead we hired Tim Riggins to drive it down to the pier. No matter how much Tina loves reading, she needs some eye candy to keep her properly motivated to not quit or get distracted by Louise and Gene.


(Bookmobile is the Polk County Library Cooperative Bookmobile)

With Miss Honey behind the wheel and Matilda’s thirst for knowledge, they’ve set out to travel the country while sharing their favorite books in the towns and cities they stop in. You’ll get to read a book, drink some tea, and eat cookies with these two lovely ladies. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch Matilda place the books back on the shelves by using a bit of magic. Wormwoods and Trunchbull not allowed!


(Book Tank commissioned by 7Up for World Book Day)

Ever since Archer heard about Raul Lemesoff’s Weapon of Mass Instruction, he has not shut up about wanting to ride around in the tank converted into a bookmobile. Lucky for Archer—not so lucky for Raul?—Archer was able to catch up with the book tank while on a mission in Argentina. He keeps imitating Oprah while yelling “And you get a book!” Mallory, however, is furious Archer has once again put his cover and mission at risk.


(MDPLS History of the Public Library System)

Jane decides to get extra credit in school by driving the bookmobile around Miami for a weekend—she may have stocked it with all her favorite romance novels in support of her favorite genre. We have no idea who her copilot will be since we don’t think this is something Xiomara or Lina would enjoy and we’re never sure if this week will be Rafael? Or Michael? Or hot teacher?… #teamrafael


(Heights Libraries Book Bike)

Inspired by his recent read of Between the World and Me and wanting to read more while sharing his love of reading Jr. creates a bookmobile cart. He sells the idea to his parents with three points: it’s good for the environment, he’s exercising, meeting more neighbors, and sharing knowledge. Plus he thinks he looks good in his new cycle gear. Andre and Bow disagree with the last part but they keep it to themselves.