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5 Fantastic, Deadly, and Sometimes Rude Fictional Flowers

Georgia O'Keeffe once said that no one takes the time to look at flowers. It's true that, while appreciated for their beauty, flowers aren't regarded as "serious" plants. Maybe that's why so many authors turn flowers into plants that are powerful, dangerous, and magical. In honor of Spring, here are some of our favorite fictional flowers.

Posted by Natasha Brandstatter

Bookish DIY Gifts: A Bookmark Keeper

As readers, we all probably accumulate a sizeable collection of bookmarks, whether they're handmade and bought from Etsy, or random slips of paper like receipts and napkins. But what to do with them when they're not in use? We have a fun DIY project that would make a perfect gift for any bookmark collector in your life. 

Posted by Natasha Brandstatter

Classic Authors Throwing The Greatest Shade At Each Other

Everyone loves these classic authors—except these other classic authors. 

If you're a bibliophile, you've probably developed some strong opinions about books. If you've ever hated an author everyone else seemed to–inexplicably–think is the greatest thing since the invention of whiskey, maybe you can sympathize with these authors who also hated other popular writers.

Posted by Natasha Brandstatter

Writers Give Us 18 Reasons Why Coffee Is the Greatest Drink Since Alcohol

Most of couldn't face a morning–or afternoon, for that matter–without a cup of liquid energy to keep us going. Did your favorite writer feel the same way? Here are some great coffee quotes from famous authors.

Posted by Natasha Brandstatter