Gorgeous Tattoos Inspired By The Little Prince

Posted by Rose Moore

(Artists Featured: Adrian at Inkys, Sasha Unisex, Artist Unknown)

This month sees the U.S. theatrical release of The Little Prince, a new 3D stop-motion animated version of the classic French children’s book by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. With stunning watercolor illustrations throughout, The Little Prince has inspired multitudes of tattoos in tribute. Here we've rounded up the very best of unusual, whimsical Petit Prince body art that wonderfully captures the spirit of the original.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

One of the Prince’s most charming friendships is with his fox, as he learns what it takes to “tame” something wild. Once you do, of course, you are forever changed by it. This sad story is a fan-favorite, and these beautiful fox tattoos are a perfect homage to the wild fox who was tamed by love.

Artist Credit: Aga Yadou

This stunning geometric fox is by Aga Yadou in Warsaw


Artist Credit: Flavio Silveira

Silveira’s work here combines a quote in the original French with a watercolor-inspired fox


Artist Credit: Illiarty

A gorgeous watercolor fox sits atop a rarer quote from the book about the wind in the wheat fields


Artist Credit: John Embry

This realistic take on the Prince and his Fox is incredibly unusual, but works perfectly.


“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

The Prince’s first true love is a single rose which appears one day upon his home planet. The rose is beautiful, proud and demanding, but he loves her anyway. Each day, he talks to her and tends her, and each night he places her under a glass dome to protect her. She is his rose, and more important to him than every other rose in the world…

Artist Credit: Sasha Unisex

This piece combines geometric shapes and a watercolor effect to create something unique


Artist Credit: Marcel Kuo

Marcel Kuo creates a soft and gentle rendering of the Prince with his rose here – and she is braving the world without her glass.




“Grown-ups always need explanation”

When we first meet the narrator, he tells us a story. It is a story of his childhood, when he became fascinated with boa constrictors, and attempted to draw a snake swallowing an elephant. In our first clue that this will not be your average children’s book, he tells us about how the adults simply never understood it at first glance, taking it to be a hat. Silly grown-ups, they just don’t understand. 

Artist Credit: Derek Rodriguez

A slightly better proportioned elephant features in this colorful geometric variation.


Artist Credit: Irene Bogachuk

These couples tattoos give the classic hat a bit of an Indian twist in simple black and grey.


“At night I love to listen to the stars”

Sometimes, it’s impossible to pick just one element of a book like this. Is it the Prince you love? The rose? The sheep in its little box, or the lamplighter, diligently working away. Do you dream of flying off with a flock of birds, or of caring for your own small patch of the heavens? These people decided to include multiple fragments of the tale, brought together to create something new and beautiful all on its own.



Artist Credit: Baris Yesilbas

This tiny tattoo proves that you don’t need to get an enormous piece to fit everything in.


Artist Credit: Javi Wolf

This shoulder piece is eye-catchingly colorful, incorporating the Prince, his planet, his rose, his fox, and a quote.


Artist Credit: Felipe Rodrigues

The fox, the Prince, the planet and the rose come together in this amazing tattoo that resembles an ink and watercolor painting.