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New Year’s Resolutions for Literary Characters

It is that fairytale time of year; as soon as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we magically expect to become better people. Some people have long list of resolutions that they believe will finally happen this year. Some people have no resolutions at all. In case our favorite book characters fall into the latter category, we have come up with a few ideas for them.

Posted by Sarah Fox

Winter Coats Inspired by Literary Characters

We don't need House Stark to tell us that winter is coming. For some of us (sorry, Midwest) it’s already here. Which means it’s time to examine our cold weather clothing options: namely, the winter coat. Taking our inspiration from some of our favorite literary characters, here’s how you can stay warm and toasty when it feels like north of the Wall outside. We’ve also included handy personality summations so you can figure out which character – and coat – fits you best. 

Posted by Carrie Jo Tucker

5 Unexpected Stories with Holiday Spirit

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me two obscure Christmas stories, two unexpected Christmas novels, and a New Year’s poem!

Posted by Sarah Fox

A Playlist for Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre has not had the easiest life. She may not be a great beauty, but she possesses brains, dignity, passion, and a strong desire for independence. Her sense of honor and justice prevails as she faces numerous hardships, from being orphaned and enduring cruelty from her aunt, to being sent away to a brutal boarding school, to falling in love with a man who (spoiler alert) has an insane wife locked away in his mansion. Jane’s playlist is one that reflects the strong but dreamy spirit of Brontë’s heroine.

Posted by Margarita Montimore

The Many Literary Roles of Keira Knightley

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

‘Tis the season to pull out the holiday films, and we are sure you will be revisiting Keira Knightley’s love triangle in Love Actually. But don’t limit yourself to this holiday classic, Knightley gathers literary adaptations the way Santa collects cookies on Christmas Eve. For this reason, Keira, to us, you are perfect.

Posted by Sarah Fox

December Quirk Perks: Dawn of the Dreadfuls

Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steven Hockensmith: Only $3.99!


Posted by Julie Leung