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Quirk Corral: Autumnal Florals and Chewbacca Grooming Techniques

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Here at Quirk, we’ve scoured the internet for the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links of the past week. Whether you have a hankering for new story by Charlotte Brontë, or need a quick DIY star crochet tutorial, we’re sure to have something to make your day a little brighter.

Posted by Jennifer Morell

Gifts for Your Favorite Oscar Wilde Fan

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We all have one. That friend whose book tastes are insatiable because they’re devoted to Oscar Wilde. They named their pets after the characters in The Picture of Dorian Gray. They petition their local theatre annually for a production of Salome. They celebrate Wilde’s birthday each year on Tumblr and are the first to tell you about the latest adaptation rumors.

Don’t you think they deserve a present that fosters that fandom? In honor of Oscar Wilde’s birthday, here are five gift recommendations for the Wilde fan in your life.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Quirk Corral: PPZ Trailer and Zombie Mouth Cupcakes

Whether you are looking for a ghastly cupcake tutorial, or some fancy Totoro office wear, we’ve got you covered with this week's best bookish, geeky, and crafty links. 

Posted by Jennifer Morell

4 Little Women Adaptations We Wish Would Happen

Recently, The CW bought a script for a TV adaptation of Little Women. Sounds great, right? What if I told you that this “gritty adaptation” re-sets our archetypal story of domestic sisterhood in dystopian Philadelphia? Would you ask the question I asked, the question on all Little Women fans’ minds: Why?

Posted by Eve Legato

The Muppets’ Best Literary Adaptations: A Retrospective

It is time to play the music. It is time to light the lights. It is time to discuss Muppet literary adaptations tonight!

Posted by Sarah Fox

Happy Frankenstein Day!

This Sunday, August 30, is Frankenstein Day…and the birthday of the beloved monster's creator, Mary Shelley. What better way to celebrate than to create your own monster? Here's how Shelley did it…good luck!

Infographic created for Quirk Books by Michael Rogalski, eyewashweb.com.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff