Winter Coats Inspired by Literary Characters

Posted by Carrie Jo Tucker

We don't need House Stark to tell us that winter is coming. For some of us (sorry, Midwest) it’s already here. Which means it’s time to examine our cold weather clothing options: namely, the winter coat. Taking our inspiration from some of our favorite literary characters, here’s how you can stay warm and toasty when it feels like north of the Wall outside. We’ve also included handy personality summations so you can figure out which character – and coat – fits you best. 



Sherlock Holmes

Slightly bohemian, according to your best friend (who may or may not be named Watson), with a cat-like love of cleanliness. Although methodical in thought, you’re a – let’s face it – hoarder. That’s right, we know you have 15,322 emails in your Gmail box.  You excel in abductive reasoning, and you have a blog about the varying tensile strengths of different natural fibers.

If you can't afford his Belstaff coat, here’s the next best thing.


Wife of Bath

Your repertoire of dirty jokes can’t be beat, and you may have been accused of robbing the cradle once or thrice. You consider yourself a feminist, and wouldn’t miss a Renaissance Faire for the world. Your friends love you at parties. You think everyone should own a big hat.

Since you’re a lady of independent means, splurge on this modern medieval cape.


Hester Prynne fromThe Scarlet Letter

Full of contradictions. You may be a single parent, and you protect those you love with an admirable ferocity. You challenge the status quo, and refuse to be categorized no matter how hard those around you try. And here’s a red coat befitting your fiery spirit. 


Jaime Lannister

“Good”…or “bad”? You’re neither: you are who you are, and a staunch sense of loyalty drives all your actions. You just had your redemption arc last spring, after the loss of your dominant hand humbled you. You’re a person of your word…an oathkeeper, one might say.

Since white isn’t really practical for outerwear, try this Kingsguard-shaped coat in black.


L from Death Note

Mysterious and child-like. You prefer floppy hairdos and floppy white t-shirts, and are often referred to as, “slightly…um…eccentric.” You prefer sweets, play a mean game of tennis, and don’t particularly like shoes (which may present a problem this winter). You’re a loner, and love Cloister Black font. You’d be probably be the one to wear this jacket that’s a cross between something normal and something insane.


Fitzwilliam Darcy

Dark and brooding. Or light and brooding. Whatever, just as long as you brood. You enjoy long jogs across the moors, and are determined to present yourself as a gentleman after that big breakthrough you had in Derbyshire last year. You also enjoy fighting off hordes of zombies on occasion. A simple black overcoat is elegant, and won’t get in the way of your brooding. 


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