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A Playlist for The Little Prince

The titular character in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry classic fable is a curious, innocent, otherworldly traveler. He’s also capable of great love, caring for his high-maintenance rose on his home planet, eager to return to her after he sets off on traveling the universe. He encounters an array of characters on the different planets he visits. This playlist celebrates the adventures of this petite explorer.

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Bridget Jones’ Top Karaoke Jams

Bridget Jones is far from perfect. She smokes, she drinks (sometimes too much), she struggles with her weight, and she has a tendency to embarrass herself in social situations. But Bridget does try to better herself, and in the meantime, her flaws make this hapless Brit lovable and relatable. She’s also the perfect gal to invite to karaoke. You know she’ll probably have one too many, choose lots of fun girl-powered songs, and sing them terribly, making for a memorable night. Let’s take a closer look at Bridget’s karaoke selections.   

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A Playlist for Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre has not had the easiest life. She may not be a great beauty, but she possesses brains, dignity, passion, and a strong desire for independence. Her sense of honor and justice prevails as she faces numerous hardships, from being orphaned and enduring cruelty from her aunt, to being sent away to a brutal boarding school, to falling in love with a man who (spoiler alert) has an insane wife locked away in his mansion. Jane’s playlist is one that reflects the strong but dreamy spirit of Brontë’s heroine.

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A Playlist for Severus Snape

At first glance, Professor Severus Snape is an intimidating, sarcastic, unfriendly, and stern man. But don’t be fooled; his frosty exterior hides a passionate heart and noble intentions. One of J.K. Rowling’s more complex, layered characters, he evolves from anti-hero to full-on hero during the course of her books. Which makes him worthy of a playlist in our book.


“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” – The Animals

Throughout much of the Harry Potter series, Snape is painted as a villainous character. Harry himself believes the professor has nefarious intentions. Most of the Hogwarts folks don’t realize that, despite his sour attitude, deep down, Severus means well.

“Baby, do you understand me now?
Sometimes I feel a little mad
But don't you know that no one alive can always be an angel
When things go wrong I feel real bad”

“Spellbound” – AC/DC

Since few people know of Snape’s noble intentions, this is the track he cranks up when he gets tired of being perceived in such a negative light.

“I can't do nothin' right
I never sleep at night
Can't even start a fight
My feet have left the ground
Spinnin' round and round

“Nobody Loves Me” – Bryan Ferry

The title speaks for itself. Severus may not seem like the kind of man who would throw himself a pity party, but every once in a while even he’s going to need a serious wallow. This song, whose upbeat tempo belies its self-pitying theme, is just what he needs in those moments.

“Bad Reputation” – Freedy Johnston  

It’s safe to say Professor Snape isn’t one of the most beloved teachers at Hogwarts. His motives are often questioned and people assume the worst of him, which can’t be fun.

“I know I got a bad reputation
and it isn't just talk, talk, talk
If I could only give you everything
You know I haven't got”

“Only You” – Yaz

This melodic, bittersweet song of lost love always makes Snape think of Lily Potter, the girl who got away.

“All I needed was the love you gave
All I needed for another day
And all I ever knew
Only you”

“Love Secret Domain” – The Immortal Coil

When Snape needs to go to a darker place, this track helps. A melodic interpretation of Coil’s more sinister original, this song has a dark, wistful passion to it.

“In little children's heavy heads
My dreams erupt while in my bed
Innocence is dripping red”

“Promise” – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Severus is a man of secrets, one who kept his word to Dumbledore, fulfilling the headmaster’s request to sacrifice him. This tune, full of melancholy and resolution, reminds him of that difficult time.

“The vision softly fades
But there's a light that still remains
And in these walls I feel your sadness wane
But in a moment you'll feel no pain”

“Soul in Isolation” – The Chameleons

Being Severus Snape can be a lonely business. When he lets his guard down in private and allows for a true moment of vulnerability and trepidation at whether he will be successful in his role defeating Voldemort, this tune echoes his solitude and concern.

“Will I live to see his face
Will others come to take my place
In total isolation
Surrounded by fears
Too many crowds
Too many tears”

“Something I Can Never Have” – Nine Inch Nails

Severus was never able to win the heart of Lily Potter, and he's been haunted by that loss ever since. This anthem of longing and unattainability resonates with the professor.

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A Playlist for the Talented Mr. Ripley

Before our fascination with sociopaths grew to the point where the anti-hero was having a moment in pop culture, there was Tom Ripley. Dapper, literate, and cunning, he’s also a con artist, identity thief, and serial killer, going to great lengths to preserve the lifestyle of wealth and leisure he cultivates for himself. His playlist, like his nature, is duplicitous, charming, and deliciously evil. 


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A Ghoulish Playlist for Frankenstein’s Monster

Technically, he’s known as The Monster, the dead body brought to life by scientist Victor Frankenstein. But over many years of Mary Shelly’s story gaining popularity and securing a place in pop culture, the name Frankenstein has become synonymous with The Monster as much as its creator. Every Halloween, this undead creature gains new life and this year we’ll do him one better: his own playlist.

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