Quiz Night for One

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

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Craving a trivia night, but home alone? We have the perfect set of quizzes for one! What retro monster do you most identify with? Which Keanu would be your perfect boyfriend? Jump right in to these quizzes to find out!



Which Girl Squad Are You? Quiz

We’re big fans of women throughout history here at Quirk Books — so much so that we’ve published several books about them! We looked back on our favorite girl squads throughout history with a fun, feminist quiz. (Bonus points if you send this quiz to your BFF.) Grab your pencils and brush up on your history because this quiz is one for the ages. Literally.



Philosophy Quiz: Which Character from The Good Place Are You?

When The Good Place returned for its fourth and final season, we were so forking sad about it. To celebrated the final season of the strangest and greatest show on television, we prepared you a little philosophy quiz – one that we hope would make Chidi Anagonye proud.


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Who Would Your Literary Sister Be? Quiz

When we think about sisters, we’re flooded with love and nostalgia about the women who supported through our entire lives. We think of heartfelt texts (and group text, for those of us with multiple sisters) and one-upping each other with a #NationalSisterDay post on Instagram. But we’re bookworms, so of course we celebrate sisters in the nerdiest way we know how: with a quiz to determine who your literary sister might be.



Quiz: Is Your BFF Stabbing You in the Back?

In case you’re not in the know, Julius Caesar was famously stabbed to death on the Ides of March (that’s March 15, by the way) by his friend and protégé, Brutus. Since we love you so much and don’t want you to suffer the same fate, we’ve created a literature-based quiz to help you determine if your BFF is about to stab (or is currently stabbing) you in the back.


Which Club Would You Belong to if You Lived in an '80s Paperback?

We’re big fans of '80s paperbacks here – so much so that we published an entire book about them! And as true millennials (and a handful of nostalgic Gen Z kids), we’ve spent a significant amount of time wondering which fictional club we’d join if life suddenly became an 80s paperback. We’re going back to a time when the magazine quiz reigned supreme. So, dust off those old issues of Sassy and sharpen your pencils. Because this one’s a quiz for the ages.



What's Your Wick-sona?

John Wick 3: Parabellum came out May 17, 2019, starring Keanu Reeves as everyone’s favorite heartbroken killer of killers (and the bespoke suit game). Quirk authors Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris took a break from writing For Your Consideration: Keanu Reeves to create this quiz for you to take during your downtime at The Continental.



Which Keanu is Your Boyfriend?

This breathtaking power Virgo was born September 2, 1964. Let’s celebrate everyone’s favorite internet boyfriend by finding out just which iteration of Keanu is The One for you.



The Rock: Fill in the Blank

The big day is finally here! You, yes YOU, managed to score an invite to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s birthday party. You’ve never been one for contests but when you saw The Rock posting about this one you just HAD to enter. And good thing you did! You’ve now got one invitation to his big blowout birthday bash.


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Which Quirk Book Should You Read Based on Your Favorite Macaron Flavor?

With so many macaron flavors out there, it can be hard to pick just one. It’s like trying to choose which book to read next! There are just too. many. good. choices. Now, we can’t help with your macaron choices, but luckily, we can help you pick a new book. Just pick a macaron flavor, and we’ll tell you which Quirk book to read next.


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What Does Your Bookshelf Organizational Technique Say About You?

Your bookshelf speaks volumes about you. We’re not talking about the kinds of books your shelves are sporting—we’re talking about the way you stack them. Your organizational technique reveals more than you think about your personality.



Which Obscure Retro Monster Are You?

Whats your monstrous patronus? Take a deep dive into the lesser-known monsters of the '70s and '80s, like those found in Grady Hendrix's Paperbacks from Hell, and find out what niche beast you most resemble!