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  • If you were the kid to dream of piloting your own airplane, drifting through the clouds in a hot air balloon, or engineering your own wings for solo flight, then the upcoming, epic adventure The Aeronauts is for you. Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne reunite as a pilot and scientist duo that aim to fly the highest any gas balloon has flown before. If this concept doesn’t stir that adventurous aeronaut in you, then maybe these book recommendations will.

  • We all know that books are the best gifts a person could ever give or receive. (It’s an undisputed fact. Please don’t try to fight us on this.) But what if you want to get a jump start on gifts for the kids in your life? Don’t fret! We have you covered with our very favorite holiday-themed books for kids, books that will have them smiling all month long – and for years to come.   

  • It’s no wonder that Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming world (and the cartoon world, and the toy world): everyone wishes they could have an awesome fantasy pet that is easily transportable, extraordinarily useful, and comes with a few extra powers. What child wouldn’t want that? (For that matter, what adult would turn it down?)

    However, Pokemon are far from the only creatures in the world that would fulfill these requirements…at least to some degree. The world of literature is packed with creatures that would make for perfect real life pets, if only they existed.

  • Everything about this cold and dark season makes us want to stay inside and read. Luckily, we can dedicate our evenings and weekends to the coziest of hobbies. But when your cozy hobby is also your year-round hobby, how do you winterize it? Before you take a snow shuffle to your TBR, give our hygge reading recommendations a look! Our list is full of heavy hardcovers, the weighted blanket of books, as well as the perfect hygge companion for each recommendation.

  • It may be hard to imagine Chris Evans as the villain. After all, he’s a hero. He’s Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he’s the adorable love interest in plenty of chick flicks, he’s just generally typecast as the good guy…until now. In black comedy Knives Out, Evans gets a shot at playing spoiled playboy Ransom Drysdale, and it looks good on him!

    In honor of his retirement as Captain America and a move into the world of new villainous goodness, there are a few more bad guys that Evans would absolutely nail…

  • Kristen Stewart’s name may be forever connected to the Twilight Saga, but Bella Swan is far from the only book character that the actress has brought to life. In fact, the bulk of Stewart’s filmography is actually literary adaptations - or inspired by the world of literature, like the recent J.T. LeRoy, a film about the woman who spent years pretending to be a fictional person, the author known as J.T. LeRoy. She’s also appeared in adaptations of children’s books, like Zathura: A Space Adventure, and even her first ever credited role was in The Safety of Objects, a film based on short stories. She’s covered classics, new stories, and even fairytales (in Snow White and the Huntsman), but these are some of her best (and best-known) literary roles... not including Twilight!


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