Which Girl Squad Are You? Quiz

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

We’re big fans of women throughout history here at Quirk Books — so much so that we’ve published several books about them! In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re looking back on our favorite girl squads throughout history with a fun, feminist quiz. (Bonus points if you complete the quiz with your BFF.) Grab your pencils and brush up on your history because this quiz is one for the ages. Literally.

Because these women are timeless. Okay, you get it. You totally get it.


You’re plotting weekend plans with your closest friends. Which activity are folks most excited about?

a. Plundering each other’s closets for the perfect pair of jeans.
b. Starting a revolution — or, at the very least, going to a protest.
c. Training and conditioning at the gym. If there’s snow on the ground, you might even get some skiing in!
d. Studying for the MCAT at your local library. You’ve got a test to pass.
e. Rehearsing a new piece of music. You’re itching to get that etude down.


It’s Thursday night and you want a quiet night in with your pals. What does an evening at your home look like?

a. Scheming to overthrow whichever patriarchal figure you’re vilifying this week, followed by collaborative treasure map drawing.
b. A consciousness-raising party in your living room. You take turns reading enraging and inspiring news stories while everyone else creates clever protest signs on poster board.
c. A movie night filled with ski films. You’re not thrill seekers, but it’s still fun to see those athletes navigate the powder like that.
d. A Grey’s Anatomy marathon. You love laughing and crying through all that drama, knowing your actual hospital experience will never feel like that.
e. A classical music listening party, filled with everyone’s favorite songs.


You’ve had a hard day at work. What do you complain to your bestie about during your nightly phone call?

a. How sore your back is from all the swordfighting. It’s typically an elegant weaponry, but today felt unwieldy.
b. The size of your nose on the wanted poster. You’d think they’d at least put an accurate (and flattering!) likeness out into the world
c. The state of your skis. Your left ski broke while you were on the slopes today and now the pair’s practically useless.
d. The sexism inherent in your profession. Another classmate made a snide remark about women not making good doctors. You almost slugged him. Almost.
e. The danger you face as a female musician in your country. The two of you plot an Eastern European tour, one that will assure safety for you and your fellow musicians.


You’re sharing your hopes and dreams with the world. What does your future look like?

a. A life at sea, living off everything the ocean provides.
b. A life filled with friendship so strong it could never be broken.
c. As many Olympic games you can muster, followed by a leisurely retirement.
d. A life dedicated to saving others lives, with the promise to do no harm.
e. A life filled with music — no matter the cost.


Ready for your results?




Mostly As

You’re Anne Bonny and Mary Read! You’re infamous among these seven seas for piracy and plundering. Any man who crosses the two of you is putting his life in your hands. Will you let them live?

Read more about Anne Bonny and Mary Read in Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History, p. 117.


Mostly Bs

You’re Jeanne Manon Roland and Sophie Grandchamp! Your political work during the French Revolution made you living legends — until Jeanne was sentenced to the guillotine. Luckily, your friendship is stronger than the iron bars that bind you. The letters that Sophie smuggled out for Jeanne preserved their entire history!

Read more about Jeanne Manon Roland and Sophie Grandchamp in Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History, p. 69.


Mostly Cs

You’re Sharon and Shirley Firth! Your Olympic medals in cross country skiing are a testament to both your talents and your twin sisterhood. You wear your Canadian and First Nations ancestry with pride, skiing for both nations in every competition.

Read more about Sharon and Shirley Firth in Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History, p. 26.


Mostly Ds

You’re The Edinburgh Seven! Your expertise in biology and internal medicine fueled your passion to enter medical school, despite hardship and seemingly insurmountable barriers. Together, the seven of you — and let’s say their names: Sophia Jex-Blake, Isabel Thorne, Edith Pechey, Matilda Chaplin, Helen Evans, Mary Anderson, and Emily Bovell — fought to be the first women admitted to medical school in the U.K. Way to go!

Read more about The Edinburgh Seven in Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History, p. 166.


Mostly Es

You’re The Zohra Orchestra! You’ve defied laws, danger, and threats from your home country of Afghanistan to become the first all-female orchestra in the nation. You’re an inspiration to musicians everywhere — especially young women. Thank you for your music!

Read more about The Zohra Orchestra in Girl Squads: 20 Female Friendships That Changed History, p. 241.