A Ghoulish Playlist for Frankenstein’s Monster

Technically, he’s known as The Monster, the dead body brought to life by scientist Victor Frankenstein. But over many years of Mary Shelly’s story gaining popularity and securing a place in pop culture, the name Frankenstein has become synonymous with The Monster as much as its creator. Every Halloween, this undead creature gains new life and this year we’ll do him one better: his own playlist.

“Weird Science” – Oingo Boingo

Considering the song samples the film Bride of Frankenstein and is all about bringing a human creature to life, this upbeat new wave tune is a perfect way to kick off this list.   

“Things I've never seen before
Behind bolted doors
Talent and imagination”


“Grimly Fiendish” – The Damned

While the song is about a devious child criminal, our misunderstood monster can identify with these lyrics:

“Let me get the story straight
You never gave me a break
It's a case of give and take
You didn't make me good you just painted me green
You made me part of your forgotten dream”


“Teenage Frankenstein” – Alice Cooper

This spooky rocker has a thing for Frankenstein, using his name in not one but two songs (the other being “Feed My Frankenstein”). This track uses the monster’s shocking appearance as a metaphor for the narrator’s own sense of alienation:

“These ain't my hands
And these legs ain't mine
Got a synthetic face
Got some scars and a brace
My hands are rough and bloody
I walk into the night
Women faint at the sight”


“In The Room Where You Sleep” – Dead Man’s Bones

For one thing, you know Frankenstein must get a kick out the name of this band. And on those days when he doesn’t feel so bad about being an abomination, he can get down to this catchy spooky tune.

“There's something in the shadows
In the corner of your room
A dark heart is beating and waiting for you”


“Walk This Way” – Aerosmith

An unexpected choice, you might think, but this song was sparked by Mel Brooks’ film Young Frankenstein. Steven Tyler was inspired by the scene where Igor tells Dr. Frankenstein to "walk this way" before doing an awkward shuffle, which the doctor copies. Plus, even Frankenstein needs to rock out now and again.


“Ghost of Frankenstein” – The Misfits

When Frankenstein gets a bit angry or frustrated, he likes to put on this track. Not only is it a direct homage to him, but it promises he’ll have the final word over those who made him a pariah.

“I shall rise up from this sulfur grave
And walk this world just to see you die
Endlessly, I wait until the day
You come face to face
With the Ghost of Frankenstein”


“Black Sheep” – Sneaker Pimps

Our favorite reanimated creature is sure to relate to songs of being ostracized, and take comfort in knowing somewhere, others feel as alienated and cast out as he does.

“Don't look now, we're stranded here as black sheep
Swallowed whole and out of reach, the black sheep”


“Body Electric” – Lana Del Rey

Seeing as Frankenstein was brought to life with electricity, he’s already going to be drawn in by the title. But its the soaring chorus that grabs him, whose refrain, “I sing the body electric” quotes a Whitman poem that is a celebration of the human form and sensuality. Even a reanimated monster needs to be comfortable in his own skin.


What other songs do you think should be on Frankenstein’s playlist? Full playlist below:


Margarita Montimore

Margarita Montimore

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