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It’s National Karaoke Week! Here Are 8 Books That’ll Make You Want to Start A Band

The last week of April marks National Karaoke Week. If you love karaoke as much as I do, there’s no denying how fun it is to feel like a rock star, if only for a few minutes. And if you don’t have a microphone handy, you can still rock out with these books. Hey ho, let’s go!

Posted by Margarita Montimore

We Pick Favorite Books for The Characters of Mad Men

It’s almost time to say goodbye to one of the most iconic, smart and stylish shows to grace our TVs in the last decade—if not ever. Before we part ways with Don Draper and company, let’s take a literary peek at the favorite books of some of your favorite (and least favorite) characters of Mad Men

Posted by Margarita Montimore

Ten Irish Authors to Read at Least Once (Who Aren’t James Joyce)

Where there’s a list of top Irish authors, there’s usually James Joyce. Which isn’t to say the Ulysses scribe isn’t praiseworthy, just that Ireland has produced lots of other literary talent, too. As we celebrate Irish heritage in March, it’s time to offer the spotlight to some of the country’s other fine novelists. Here are some noteworthy ones to start you off.

Posted by Margarita Montimore

That Was A Book?: 11 Movies You Probably Didn’t Know Were Adaptations

Books have long served as inspiration for filmmaking. Nowadays, as some publications become blockbusters, many cinematic adaptations come with built-in audiences of readers eager to see the beloved source material brought to life on the screen. But for every Gone Girl or Wild, there are films like the upcoming Mordecai, which you probably didn’t know is also an adaptation (in this case, of an anthology: The Mordecai Trilogy by Kyril Bonfiglioli).

Here are eleven more examples of movies you may not know started out as books:

Posted by Margarita Montimore