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A Playlist for Katniss Everdeen

She’s a hunter, a master archer, a fighter, and the beloved heroine of the Hunger Games series. Katniss Everdeen didn’t ask to be thrust into the deadly televised competition the Capital uses to keep its districts docile. All she wants to do is protect her family and loved ones. She didn’t ask to become a symbol of rebellion against the government, and she resists the status and celebrity foisted upon her. Her victories are hard-won and bittersweet, and her music choices would reflect that. This playlist is a tribute (no, not that kind) to her triumphs and tragedies.

Posted by Margarita Montimore

A Magical Playlist for Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived

Harry James Potter is one of fiction’s most beloved wizards. Over the course of JK Rowling’s blockbuster series, we follow him as he transforms from neglected orphan to lauded hero. While honing his wizarding skills, he’s not only burdened with saving the world from great evil (no pressure), but must also deal with the emotional ups and downs of growing up. Harry can be vulnerable, impulsive, and temperamental, but ultimately his integrity and bravery trumps all. His playlist reflects this emotional roller coaster, as well as the thread of magic that runs through his life. 

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A Playlist for Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is literature and pop culture’s most iconic sleuth. He’s clever, intuitive, quirky, and yes, arrogant. Sherlock isn’t afraid to break rules or social conventions, but his fierce logic always wins out and solves the mystery. And since he plays the violin, we know he enjoys music. We put together a perfect playlist a modern day sherlock would enjoy while solving crimes in the shadows of London. 

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A Playlist for Jane Austen’s Heroines

Jane Austen in one of literature's most enduring and beloved authors. But what sort of music would go into making the perfect modern playlist for this literary A-lister? You’d need songs that explore class and social behaviors, courtship rituals, and the complicated corners of the female heart. Clever songs that reflect the author’s witty banter, ones with passionate cores for the emotional turmoil her heroines endure. Considering all the balls that are attended in the books, some catchy beats wouldn’t hurt either. And of course the songs would have to be female-powered.

Here's our suggested Jane Austen playlist: 

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The 10 Best Literary Songs for a Bookish Dance Party

(Image via latimesblog.latimes.com)

Long has the world believed that the kids at the rock shows could never be the same ones devouring books in their free time. Of course, "the world" is wrong about a lot of stuff, but they definitely missed the mark when it comes to smarts and songs. We've collected ten great pop and rock classics for your partying pleasure. Rock on and read on!

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Literary Inception: Seven Books Found Within Books

Great storytellers create worlds for readers to escape within. Sometimes these worlds contain multiple layers, and you may find yourself in a story within a story. In some cases, we’re talking an entire book inside of the one you’re reading. (Yo dawg, we heard you liked books, etc.) Here are seven great examples:

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