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Literary Lovers Who Deserve Each Other, A Mash-Up

Have you ever read a book and, halfway through, caught yourself thinking, “This character deserves so much better!?” It may be because they’ve been dealt an unfortunate hand, have lost a parent, or job, or simply can’t seem to get their life together. All of that is unfortunate, but sometimes the root of the problem lies in their inexplicable failure to find a romantic partner deserving of them. 

Posted by Alyssa Favreau

Book Recommendations for Labyrinth Characters


With the tragic passing of David Bowie, we thought it was fitting to celebrate his life by re-watching one of our favorite films: Labyrinth. We couldn’t help but think of a few book recommendations for our favorite characters.

Posted by Sarah Fox

Book Recommendations for the Bennet Family

We get it. After a long day of dancing at balls and destroying zombies, all you want to do is go home and curl up with a good book. Don’t worry; we have you covered.

Posted by Sarah Fox

5 Fictional Cats Who Would Be Instagram Sensations

With our aww-some Men with Cats book about to come out, we’ve got cats on the mind. Specifically, photographed cats. And maybe we’re thinking about this too much, because we’ve come up with five fictional cats who we’d love to follow on Instagram. You know you’d heart them too.

Posted by Eve Legato

How To Host A Perfect WhoLock Holiday Party!

The ninth season of the rebooted Doctor Who may have come to a close earlier this month, but there’s still one episode to look forward to: the annual Christmas Special! This year will find Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor and his wife River Song reunited for a holiday adventure with plenty of snowy scenes, Christmas carols and Antlers. A week later, Sherlock fans get a new episode as well (after a two-year wait!), as John and Sherlock find themselves in 1890’s London for a Victorian holiday special airing on January 1st.

With these two incredible specials on the horizon, what’s a fan to do? Gather all your nerdy friends and celebrate amazing British television with a WhoLock Holiday party… or two! Here's how:

Posted by Rose Moore

If We Could Dream Cast “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

As fans of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comic book The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen know, a tale about Victorian era characters banding together to fight evil is one of the most brilliant ideas ever. Not such a great idea was the 2003 Film adaptation directed by Stephen Norrington and starring Sean Connery. The film took some wild departures from the source material and was plagued with all manner of on-set drama. Recently, Fox Studios has announced a reboot of the franchise in which Mina Harker will be the lead character instead of Alan Quatermain. Never to let a good dream cast pass us by, here's who we'd like to see fill the iconic roles this time around. 

Posted by David Winnick