How To Host A Perfect WhoLock Holiday Party!

Posted by Rose Moore

The ninth season of the rebooted Doctor Who may have come to a close earlier this month, but there’s still one episode to look forward to: the annual Christmas Special! This year will find Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor and his wife River Song reunited for a holiday adventure with plenty of snowy scenes, Christmas carols and Antlers. A week later, Sherlock fans get a new episode as well (after a two-year wait!), as John and Sherlock find themselves in 1890’s London for a Victorian holiday special airing on January 1st.

With these two incredible specials on the horizon, what’s a fan to do? Gather all your nerdy friends and celebrate amazing British television with a WhoLock Holiday party… or two! Here's how:

Deck The Halls

It wouldn’t be a holiday party without amazing decorations, like these Whovian tree ornaments, Housewife Eclectic’s TARDIS-blue Christmas tree skirt, printable Doctor snowflakes from Oodly Crafting, and even mini-TARDIS tree lights!

Trim a classy Victorian-era Christmas tree with these silhouette Sherlock ornaments from ArtFire, or make your own Baker Street front door with some help from the Instructables. Go very Victorian with your decorations, and you could even hang a Baker Street sign with some sparkly lights.


Dress For The Occasion

You could do a little closet cosplay – grab those spare bowties and deerstalkers! Or, because we are getting into the holiday spirit, get everyone into a WhoLock ugly Christmas sweater. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination (and skill with knitting needles), but there are plenty of ready-made options for the less crafty fans among us.

ThinkGeek has some lovely Tardis blue options with the classic police box or knitted weeping angels, or you can head to Amazon for a red villain-themed version. Redbubble has a Sherlock offering featuring apples and smiley faces. Or if that’s not to your taste, take some style tips from Watson with this replica pattern from Sherlock Craft.

A final option is to take the easy way out, and simply throw a Santa hat on with your normal outfit. But it can’t just be any old hat for this party! Creative Art Shop has some amazing TARDIS hats, while Sherlock fans might want to get crafty with a top hat or bowler.


The Geeky Bartender

A party wouldn’t be a party without drinks, and while mulled wine and eggnog are a must, get creative with your mixing and make some special cocktails for the evening. DoctorWhoCocktails has an enormous range of mixed drinks for every character in the hit series, including (obviously) one for River Song. Mix up some gin, St Germaine and Lime juice for “The Spoiler”, and toast to the Doctor’s wife, or enjoy The Drunken Moogle’s Jack Harkness martini. Don’t forget some Whovian ice cubes! Sherlock fans will need to ring in the New Year with some champagne, but don’t forget the whiskey- or the tea! The Drunken Moogle also has a concoction named “The Reichenbach Fall” for those who want something a little different, or how about this tea-and-scotch combination from food52?


Viewing Snacks

Finally, it just wouldn’t be a TV party without some great munchables for while you watch. Obviously there has to be plenty of popcorn, but there are so many more great nibbles to take your snack table to the next level.

Create marshmallow Adipose babies, Dalek cupcakes, and even fish fingers and custard. If you aren’t a fan of that particular combination, Bakingdom has an incredible cookie and pudding combo that looks absolutely incredible, or you can create your own savory or sweet versions (vanilla wafers and custard, or fish fingers and yellow tarter sauce). For anything else, just add a Gallifreyan-style name, like Doodlecraft did. Easy peasy!

For Sherlock fans, it’s time to turn to British cuisine. Check out this incredible mini-toad-in-the-hole recipe from Mama With Ideas or serve finger sandwiches (so Victorian) and licorice pipes. If you want something sweeter, these teabag cookies are an amazing addition.


Even if you don’t get to watch until January, there’s always Christmas Specials past to get you in the WhoLock holiday spirit!