If We Could Dream Cast “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

Posted by David Winnick

As fans of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comic book The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen know, a tale about Victorian era characters banding together to fight evil is one of the most brilliant ideas ever. Not such a great idea was the 2003 Film adaptation directed by Stephen Norrington and starring Sean Connery. The film took some wild departures from the source material and was plagued with all manner of on-set drama. Recently, Fox Studios has announced a reboot of the franchise in which Mina Harker will be the lead character instead of Alan Quatermain. Never to let a good dream cast pass us by, here's who we'd like to see fill the iconic roles this time around. 

Wilhelmina “Mina” Harker – Minnie Driver

Mina Harker is the core figure of the comic. She is the leader of the group, and the only person on the team that all of the male characters seem to respect and listen to. She is even capable of controlling the insane Mr. Hyde, a task which is nearly impossible. Mina is one tough lady, and who wouldn’t be after surviving an ordeal with Dracula. We think Minnie Driver has the chops necessary to drive this film to success. She has played several women who don’t suffer fools and would be perfect to keep this testosterone laden team in line.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Alan Cumming

Dr. Henry Jekyll is a simpering weakling barely capable of stepping outside of his own front door, but when he turns into Edward Hyde, watch out. Functioning as both brains and muscle for the team, this set of characters requires someone who can play both incredibly weak and overly masculine in one film. Alan Cumming has the necessary physicality to play the good doctor in the flesh. Throw him in a motion capture suit and let him rage for Mr. Hyde, and he could easily outshine Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.


Alan Quatermain – Pierce Brosnan

Quatermain is an aging adventurer who is seeking one last big outing before death. Though he may look a bit on the frail side, Quatermain is an excellent shot and a huge asset to the team. He eventually becomes a Romantic partner for Mina in the second volume of the comic, which would be the obvious bases for any sequel. Quatermain always seemed a bit like a Victorian era James Bond, so why not bring in arguably one of the best Bonds ever, Pierce Brosnan. Now in his sixties, Brosnan would be perfect to play an older man seeking one last wild ride.


Captain Nemo – Anil Kapoor

Nemo's inventions provide rapid transport around the globe and some insane firepower when things get a little bit dicey. This anti-colonialist hates working with many of the British characters on the team for obvious reasons and they don’t really trust him all that much. Yet when push comes to shove, Nemo is in it to save the world. Anil Kapoor is a huge star in India and has done a decent job of translating his acting skills over to American cinema in Slumdog Millionaire and Mission Impossible. Kapoor has just the level of intensity necessary to play the standoffish Nemo.


Hawley “The Invisible Man” Griffin- David Tenant

Griffin is a bit of a questionable sort. It can be difficult to tell exactly what he is up to at any given moment, especially when nobody can see his facial expressions. Perhaps most terrifying about The Invisible Man is his penchant for violence. Thought he became famous in the United States for his portrayal the heroic Dr. Who, Tenant plays all of his characters as though they are hiding an incredible darkness. This smoldering personality trait is perfect for the unpredictable Griffin.


Mycroft Holms- Robbie Coltrane

Mycroft Holmes is the head of British secret services in this particular incarnation of the world. Commonly referred to by the other characters as M, Mycroft is the first person to realize that the dangers of the world can no longer be taken care of by ordinary men. It is M, who sends Mina on her search for the most extraordinary of men. Robbie Coltrane is best known for his run as Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. No doubt after years of playing a relatively simple minded character, Coltrane would like to stretch his acting skills with a more cerebral role.


Professor James Moriarty- Toby Jones

James Moriarty is one of the most intelligent characters in literary history. Only he has ever bested Sherlock Holmes. In the League comics, Moriarty is alive and well after surviving his plummet from the Reichenbach Falls in the Sherlock Holmes tale The Final Problem. In the first film incarnation, Moriarty was portrayed as an in-shape tough man, but in the comic he is shown to be all about mental dominance; spending far more time expanding his mind than building his body. Toby Jones has been a great second banana in a plethora of films like Captain America and The Hunger Games. His small physical stature and crisp intellectual speech pattern match Moriarty perfectly.