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Fantastical Libraries Inspired by Borges

Jorge Luis Borges has a literary career chock-full of wondrous ideas and conceits, but perhaps none of them are as compelling as his “Library of Babel,” a library the size of the universe, containing all possible 410-page books. Most of the books, naturally, are gibberish, but those inside the library believe that somehow, somewhere, there are books of coherence and meaning, if they could only find them. Unsurprisingly, book lovers and authors alike have fallen in love with an idea, and made it their own. Here are a few of our favorites.

Posted by Jadzia Axelrod

Literary Action Heroes John Krasinski Needs to Play

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

John Krasinski might be known as the adorable Jim Halpert from The Office, but don’t let that fool you. This Emmy-nominated actor is far more that just a likeable prankster, and at the end of this month, he’ll be proving his action hero talents by starring in Jack Ryana new series from Amazon. The series is based on the literary adventures of the titular character, lifted from the pages of Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse thrillers. Ryan is a CIA Analyst, an ex-Marine and past history teacher, and he’s been delighting fans of Clancy’s works for decades (first appearing in 1984’s Hunt For Red October).

Posted by Rose Moore

Downtime: What Our Favorite Lit Characters Do Behind the Scenes​​​​​​​

[source: Stills From Films]

Ever since The Lord of the Rings extended DVDs delivered hours of behind the scenes footage, we’ve been obsessed with learning more about what our favorite actors do to pass time on set. Bungee jumping, drinking, exploring New Zealand—and that was just during The Fellowship! Film stars aren’t the only ones that have fun, though. It can take years for an author to complete a book. That’s a lot of downtime. So we reached out to some famous literary characters to learn more about what they did while waiting for the final pages of their story to be penned.

Posted by J. B. Kish

Literature’s Worst Villains: King Killers

[source: Bustle]

There is nothing more dastardly than killing your king. No matter how much you might want to (see: King Joffrey) it is taboo. However, the characters are on this list are notorious for taking that extra step toward regicide.

*Spoilers ahead*

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Books to Take on That Last Summer Getaway

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It’s that time of year again. Time to soak in those last fleeting moments of summer. For some, this means a weekend at the beach. For others, it’s a long weekend camping and hiking at a National Park. And for others, it’s dusting off a map and driving until the tank runs out. No matter what your last summer hurrah is, we have the perfect book for you!

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

The Ultimate Book Pairings

Our world is filled with quintessential pairings. Bacon and eggs. Bert and Ernie. Peanut butter and jelly. We seek out wine pairings to complement our meals; we set up our friends because they’re sure to be the perfect pair. But here at Quirk Books, we spend our time coming up with book pairings. And today — because we’re so wonderful and generous — we’re sharing those pairings with you.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman