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What Better Place to Read about Ghosts than These Haunted Libraries?

[Photo by Yana Kowalewicz on Unsplash]

It's finally here! We're so excited for the release of Marc Hartzman's new book, Chasing Ghosts, on sale September 28, 2021, and can't wait for readers to dive into this beautiful exploration of our country's long and obsessive history with phantoms and apparitions. Whether you prefer e-book or paperback, there are plenty of ways for you to get a copy. But if you plan on grabbing one at your local bookstore or library, then you better make sure it's not one of these haunted locations. Otherwise, you might just become the subject of Hartzman's next book…

Posted by J. B. Kish

Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Villain in Your Life

Header Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay 

Whether it's your auntie, teacher, hairdresser, or librarian, we've all got a villain or two in our lives. But even the worst of them deserves a little festive cheer. So, we've broken down the best holiday gifts for your favorite rotten apples. And if none of these hit the mark, then be sure to check out  Quirk's holiday gift guide for more great ideas!

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Roundup of the Best Tentacle-y Monsters from Modern Fiction

Photo by Julia Kadel on Unsplash

August 20th brought the one hundred and thirtieth birthday of Mr. H.P Lovecraft. Even now, decades after he penned his final weird tale, his work continues to entrance new readers. However, it also repels. In fact, Lovecraft's racist beliefs and use of tropes have tainted his colossal legacy for many. In turn, it has paved the way for a new generation of authors working to reappropriate cosmic horror. Today, we honor those efforts of inclusivity with a roundup of our favorite tentacle-y monsters from modern fiction!

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Walking Dead Spin-offs We’re Hoping for in 2020

This April, The Walking Dead will be premiering its second television spinoff series, giving audiences yet another way to explore our favorite flesh-eating apocalypse. But The Walking Dead: World Beyond is just one addition to Robert Kirkman's ever-growing Zombie universe. With multiple novels, several spin-off webisodes, Funko Pops, and even an attraction at Universal Studios, it seems there’s no stopping the slow, ambling expansion of this franchise. So we’re pitching some of our favorite ideas for Walking Dead TV spinoffs. Here’s what we’re hoping to see in 2020.

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New Terms for the Modern Book Lover

Some situations are so specific, we invent new terms to properly communicate them with others. Take “gaslighting," for example. Ten years ago, we might have struggled to describe the type of person that psychologically manipulates someone into questioning their own sanity. Now, we just say, “That person is a gaslighter, and we should take them off our Christmas card list.” There. Easy peasy. 

Similarly specific situations are all around us, and book lovers suffer as much as the next. So, we’ve taken a stab at coining a few terms that might help you better communicate in the future.  

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A Spoiler-Free Review of the Balloons in IT: Chapter 2

Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash

Last Friday night, my wife and I got in the car and drove to our favorite movie theatre. This is a bit of a routine of ours when a big movie lands, and we had tickets to one of the biggest: a 7pm showing of IT: Chapter 2. As the sun set, I reflected back on the film’s first chapter and tried to refamiliarize myself with the plot. Having read the book, it didn’t matter that I’d only seen the movie once. The story came floating back. And so I entered the theatre that night, like most, excited to see what the director had in store for the next installment. 

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