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7 Ways to Share Used Books with Others!

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Moving. Decluttering. Massive spontaneous bookshelf collapse. All are good reasons to consider re-homing some well-loved books. But where should those books go? It’s not like you can summon a magical book dragon to whisk them away to an enchanted library (though, if you have connections like that, tweet us the deets at @quirkbooks). Here are some wonderful ways to share your used books that are fun for you and benefit the community.

Posted by Margaret Dunham

6 Beach Reading Alternatives for Those Who Stay Out of the Sun

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“Great beach reading for the summer!”

“Be sure to toss this new title in your beach bag – next to the sunglasses and SPF 50!”

“The perfect paperback for poolside sunbathing!”

Ever feel like summer reading means you have to head to the beach and the rays to get your reading done?

Posted by Margaret Dunham

TV Characters We’d Love To See Star in a PI Novel

[source: Pushing Daisies, ABC]

It is the age of the reboot. Or at least it seriously feels like it! While we’re currently excited for the Charmed reboot, we can see why so many viewers feel overwhelmed by the amount of that-thing-that-ended-is-getting-resurrected on TV. Which is why we’re here to offer a new kind of reboot we very much want to see: TV characters we’d love to see star in PI novels.

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Book Recommendations for Our Favorite Chris Pratt Characters

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

It’s Chris Pratt’s birthday on June 21 and all we want to do is sit around and binge Parks and Rec all day. But that would be ignoring his greater canon. (Oh wow just think about Andy Dwyer’s reaction to the phrase “greater canon.” Priceless.) So instead of playing Mouse Rat’s greatest hits until our brains explode, we’re sharing some Chris Pratt-specific book recommendations. Or should we say, book recommendations for our favorite Chris Pratt characters.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Incredibles 2: The Best Family Super-Teams in Comics

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Incredibles 2 is about to hit the big screen, bringing one of our favorite super-families back to delight a new generation. The original Incredibles introduced fans to this suburban family with a secret — they are all natural superheroes! The super-strong Mr. Incredible and his super-flexible wife Elastigirl team up with their two children, speedster Dash and invisible girl Violet, to take down a supervillain (and leave the incredibly powerful superbaby at home with a sitter). It’s a sweet, funny movie, and one that plays with the idea of family dynamics affecting a superhero mission.

Posted by Rose Moore

Fiction’s Goodest Boys

[source: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios]

In honor of Chris Evan’s birthday, and his iconic role as Captain America, we here at Quirk Books are celebrating some of the goodest boys in fiction.

Posted by Sandra Woolf