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Most Brooding Bad Boys in Literature

Photo by Nikolai Ulltang from Pexels

Behind ever scowl, dark clothes and unhappy look lies a brooding bad boy. These dark and troubled youths with will steal your girl and even your own heart. Because who doesn’t love a brooding bad boy?

Posted by Sandra Woolf

The Non-Problematic Qualities of A Book Lover

Is there a partner more perfect, more amiable than a book lover? As a book lover, I can say with absolutely no bias whatsoever, no, there is not. Now and then folks may speak to “problems” with being in the company of book lovers, and to that I say, are these problems? Or do they just not appreciate everything we book lovers bring to the world? In the interest of education, here is a selection of book lover qualities that are in no way, shape, or form, a problem to anyone.

Posted by Jadzia Axelrod

Our Favorite Book Titles Re-imagined With Beer

Next weekend, unwind with a nice cold pint and your favorite book in hand. (Extra points if you start off the last summer month with a particularly hoppy flavor.) But what if your favorite beers weren’t just an accompaniment to your favorite books, but actually a key part of them? We’ve re-imagined some of the most famous books of the past few decades with some delicious barley beverages front and center so that you can really get into the spirit of books and beer this weekend.

Posted by Rose Moore

Oddball Relationships in Literature

[It by Stephen King and Games of Thrones by Goerge R. R. Martin]

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes. This is especially true in the literature world, where the most unlikely relationships can bloom. Stephen King and George R. R. Martin are a good case in point (see here).

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Our Favorite Poets on Instagram

While we’ll take any excuse to introduce our friends to Tracy K. Smith, the incredible poet behind Life on Mars and our irreplaceable Poet Laureate, or Sylvia Plath, whose newly collected letters are phenomenally exciting because they’re her first piece of published writing untouched by her abuser and ex-husband Ted Hughes, today we’re taking our poetry love in a different – and digital – direction. So, take out your phones, open Instagram, and start reading.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Harry Potter’s Birthdays, Ranked

[source: Warner Brothers]

The next time you complain about having a terrible birthday, whether forgotten or not going according to plan, please stop and think: is this birthday better or worse than a Harry Potter birthday? Unless you too are dealing with an all-powerful Dark Lord trying to kill you at every turn, your answer will be “oh, so much better, I can’t believe I was complaining, accio cake, please.” As if The Boy Who Lived wasn’t already dealing with enough, he couldn’t even look forward to July 31st, the one day a year that was supposed to be celebratory. Once at Hogwarts, not all of his birthdays were completely terrible, since you know, people actually remembered them, but even the best ones were filled with some sense of doom and/or gloom. But of the seven birthdays readers got to celebrate with Harry, which was the worst? From merely not terrible to angsty to his life was in mortal danger, here’s all of Harry Potter’s birthdays ranked from best to worst. Happy Birthday, Harry…we guess?

Posted by Maggie Fremont