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How-To Tuesday: Get a Bikini Body… of Literature

Are your favorite summer reads beach-ready? There’s just one way to get your book ready for bikini season: make a book-ini for your book! Craft a no-sew, no-nonsense book-ini for your summer reading and show off that bodacious body of literature in no time. Craft book-inis in any color or style you choose to keep the sand and surf out of your own books, or whip up a few to use as gift wrap when you share your favorite summertime reads with others.

Posted by Margaret Dunham

How-To Tuesday: #TreatYoShelf with TBR Bookends

Treat yo' shelf with quick and easy one-of-a-kind bookends. Use this technique to convert any number of everyday objects – painted flowerpots, wide mugs, small vases – into a treasure for your bookcase. 

Posted by Margaret Dunham

The Quirk Corral: Direwolves and Near-Divorces

Yeah, it’s Monday. Lucky for you, we've rounded up all our favorite bookish, geeky, and crafty news from the Internet to help you start your week. Whether you are a diehard Reading Rainbow fan or looking to whip up some seriously crazy looking pancakes, we’ve got you covered each week. 

Posted by Jennifer Morell

How To Photograph Your Books for Instagram

In a world where your sunset photos have to be perfectly aligned and your food artfully arranged on quirky mismatched dishware—how do you up the Instagram ante with your book photos? Here are some tips to help you become a master of the perfect Bookstagram photo. No messy, disorganized bookshelves under this #shelfie tag.

Posted by Andrea K. Thatcher

How-To-Tuesday: Paper Towns Pocket Paper Library


Unless you’ve been living under a paper rock (sorry, not sorry) we’re sure you’ve heard that John Green’s Paper Towns has been adapted into a film. 

And every Paper Town need a Paper Library of course! Now before you go Googling where to purchase a paper library we’ve got you taken care of. Here’s a printable, DIY, paper library that you can carry around with you in your pocket or purse or backpack!

Posted by Jamie Canaves

How-To Tuesday: Make Your Own Quill For Under $30

Quills have been used to author some of the most important documents of our time—The Magna Carta, Shakespeare's works, lots and lots of Bibles. And perhaps most timely, the Founding Fathers of the United States wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence using this esteemed and elegant writing instrument.

So next time you have an important document to sign, why do it with a boring old Ballpoint, when you can pen your name like a major historical figure? Better yet, how about signing with a quill you constructed yourself and for under $30? Here's our How-To Tuesday on making your own quill pen on the cheap!

Posted by E.H. Kern