How-To Tuesday: Get a Bikini Body… of Literature

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Are your favorite summer reads beach-ready? There’s just one way to get your book ready for bikini season: make a book-ini for your book! Craft a no-sew, no-nonsense book-ini for your summer reading and show off that bodacious body of literature in no time. Craft book-inis in any color or style you choose to keep the sand and surf out of your own books, or whip up a few to use as gift wrap when you share your favorite summertime reads with others.

First, gather your materials:

  • 2 Sheets of Craft Felt
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Book of Choice

First, trace your book. Lay your felt rectangles out lengthwise and trace your book in the center. Use your chalk to trace dotted lines along the sides of the book – these lines will guide you in sketching out your design. The area inside the dotted lines will cover the book itself, the area outside the lines will be used to tie the sides together.

Sketch your book-ini. This step looks a little like calculus, but you can do it! An hourglass shape will create the bottoms, while the top will need both a long strip for the back and a curved shape for the front. You can style the top in any shape you choose – the double teardrop design is easy to create and is very popular amongst the most fashionable novels this season.

Cut out carefully and trim to fit. Trying on a swimsuit is a breeze when you can alter it any way you like! Cut out the pieces you’ve drawn, fold the top and bottom in place, and take a look. Are you pleased with it? Trim and curve the suit until it’s something you enjoy, then move on to the next step…

Knot the side ties securely. Now that you’ve gotten a perfect fit from your suit, it’s time to put it on. Using the side ties you’ve created, knot the top and bottom in place securely. A double knot keeps that bathing suit in place and shows off your hard work and craftsmanship.

Hit the beach and enjoy! Go out and see the ocean, relax by the pool, or enjoy a warm summer day on your beautiful luxury yacht. Actually, if you’re bringing a book along to your yacht, you should really invite other bookworms to come party with you. Bookworms like Quirk Books staff/bloggers. Just saying.