The Quirk Corral: Direwolves and Near-Divorces

Posted by Jennifer Morell

Yeah, it’s Monday. Lucky for you, we've rounded up all our favorite bookish, geeky, and crafty news from the Internet to help you start your week. Whether you are a diehard Reading Rainbow fan or looking to whip up some seriously crazy looking pancakes, we’ve got you covered each week. 

All Things Bookish

A marriage in Greenpoint was on the rocks after the husband threw out his wife’s childhood copy of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. It’s lucky for him that Judy Blume was able to come to the rescue.

Legendary Sci-Fi writer Ursula K. Le Guin is offering her advice about how to write fiction. Due to the overwhelming response, she has temporarily stopped accepting questions, but she has already begun answering some. Read them here.

Netflix is finally streaming Reading Rainbow. Unfortunately, it features the new theme song. Fret not: you can still listen to original right here.


All Things Geeky

Quirk blogger Alyssa Favreau rounded up some of Star Trek’s most outlandish outfits. Would it violate the Prime Directive to steal Wesley Crusher’s sweaters?

July 31st marked Harry Potter’s 35th birthday. Here are 35 facts about our favorite wizard.

On August 8th, minor league baseball’s Staten Island Yankees will be the Staten Island Direwolves. Check out their custom uniforms for the big game!


All Things Crafty

These ultra tall pancakes are kind of mesmerizing, and will happily be accepted at Quirk HQ.

Saltines are the perfect food when you are feeling sick, or when you feel like assembling incredible ice cream sandwiches.

Don’t miss out on downloading some gorgeous patterns by Frances Macleod.

Need a dessert to pair with your favorite book? This infographic has got you covered.