Literary Looks: Bookish Socks

Posted by Jamie Canaves

With the popularity of our leggings post and our need for bookish socks, we realized we had to do a bookish socks round-up. We have a need for socks!

He gets us. And these socks get us!

They're Bigger on the Inside

We won’t be able to choose which pair so we’ll have to wear one Tardis and one Daleks sock. Wait, but which foot gets which sock? Decisions are hard.


Book Worm Knee Socks

These look perfect for Risky Business dancing and sliding. Learn more here


These Socks are Elementary

The game is certainly afoot with these Sherlock socks.

Socks with Cats

Have we mentioned we’ve had cats on the brain this month? These cats on books socks are perfect—even if they’re missing the men.


Disillusionment Charmed Socks

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows No-Show Socks 5 Pair… Err, what do they mean no-show? We want to show these to EVERYONE! Look at our feet! Look!

'Sup Nerd?

'Sup Nerd? socks must be stalking us because we love reading under trees with our squirrel friends. *Packs bag of peanuts.*


Holy Cat Socks, BatCat!

We love these BatCat socks.


Wonder Woman Caped Knee High Socks

We are NEVER taking these off! Learn more here


Poe-ka Dots

Well these Edgar Allan Poe-ka Dot Socks are genius. Poe-ka dot—hee hee!


And now we’re off to make room in our sock drawer for all our new special bookish socks—our toes are so excited!