The Top 4 Bookish Instagram Posts (and How to Make Them Your Own)

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Ah, Instagram. A great place to share what you’re up to, what you’re into, and how it’s all going. But how do you capture a decidedly in-person experience like reading on the small, captioned, and hashtagged screen? First, some general Instagram tips:


– Instagram is all about sharing the personal with others – the more character, the better!

– Shot chemistry helps – your friends see what you like best right away!

– Filters and editing functions are there to help you – have fun with them!


And now, some special tweaks to make sharing your book-loving life with friends and followers! If you’re interested in spreading the word about the works you’re reading, then these 4 classic Instagram posts are the perfect way to get started. Try them out for yourself and feel free to reinvent them with your own personal flair!


Who would guess that a nerd lives here?


The ‘Shelfie’ (Also called #Shelfie)

This one’s a classic, and a perfect way to share your favorite collectibles and book collections at the same time. Decorating is optional, but whether you add a scented candle, artsy bookend, or an armada of action figures, decorations give your shelfie a crucial Instagram quality: they make your picture personal and unique.


To make a perfect Instagram of your bookshelves:

– Clear any excess clutter

– Dust off the shelves

– Even out the line-up (align the book spines)

– Add a few decorations!



How fangirls love to start each day…


The ‘Perfect Morning’

Not all mornings are full of books and your favorite mug of morning fuel (tea or coffee, we don’t judge). So if you happen to have a perfect morning, give the rest of us hope by sharing yours!


Turn your morning into a memorable post:

– Add a morning-themed prop (a mug, your favorite pastry, a notebook)

– Use that natural morning light!

– Make it minimal: fewer items = better focus

– Keep the background in frame if it’s pleasant or exciting!



Curling up with one of Ben Winters’ novels is highly recommended!


The ‘Evening Plans’

Blankets. Cozy socks. Maybe a bubble bath. And of course, a new book or a treasured paperback to spend the evening with. Spread the love for a book lover’s favorite evening agenda by giving the world a first-person view of your evening!


Make your night a post to remember:

– Curl up to show off your favorite fuzzy socks or pedicure

– Soft, warm lighting is best. Candles are perfect!

– A high angle gives you room to include everything in one frame



Some quotes are so squee-worthy they must be shared!


The ‘Favorite Quote’

Care to share an excerpt you love from what you’re reading? That’s exactly what Instagram’s tilt feature is for. Instead of pointing, underlining, or highlighting the selection of choice, this feature keeps rectangular area of your photo in focus and lets the rest fade out of focus.


Here’s how to transform a full page into a quote post:

– Lay your book flat and snap a pic of the chosen page

– Add a filter or increase the contrast to show off the text

– Use the tilt editing function to place and size the focused selection


There you have it, everything you need to make your bookish social media dreams come true! Play with angles, editing functions, and filters as much as you like; just remember the best part of any photo is the subject (in this case, that’s you and your favorite book). Remember to tag @QuirkBooks when you post – we love seeing your updates!