Style Round Up – Geeky Socks

Posted by Rose Moore

You might think of novelty socks as just something for that awkward guy in the office who thinks wearing Daffy Duck on his ankles makes him a wild and crazy kook. It’s true, silly socks have had a bit of a bad rep, but it’s time to give them a second chance! When you have to hide your nerdiness, slipping something bright and colorful into your shoe can give you a boost – even if you are the only one who knows it is there. Keep your toes warm at home and know that when you look down, it’ll make you smile. 

In honor of the humble foot-glove, we’ve rounded up some of the best socks to put a smile on the face of any book-lover. From bordering on cosplay to fandom-specific to more subtle options for those serious readers, here are some of Quirk Books' favorite looks (for your feet).

Use Your Words

Whether you are just dipping a toe into statement socks, or you’re ready to go all out with some knee-highs, sometimes words are all you need. Out of Print Clothing are a fantastic online retailer for everything bookish and wearable, and their Banned Book and Library Card socks are a perfect way to get a little bookish under your boots without going all out for crazy colors or loud patterns.



On the other hand, if you want your bookish socks loud and proud (and a little bit Clueless), Sock Dreams has these amazing knee-high socks that proudly declare you either a “Nerd” or a “Bookworm”. With only one color combination available for each, the shade of your wardrobe might make your decision between them, or you could just get really colorful with both. (Not at the same time, though!)



Let Your Fandom Flag Fly

If you are surprised that there are fandom-specific socks, clearly you don’t spend as much time as us on the internet. At this point, you can find fandom-related everything – and socks are just the beginning! Want to channel a little Katniss at the gym? Slip on some Hunger Games athletic socks. Feel like boosting your brainpower (or at least, feeling like you have) before tackling the crossword? How about some Sherlock Holmes? And of course, the one fandom to rule them all, Harry Potter, brings us no-show socks with the house crests and knee-length versions for more outgoing days (or closet cosplay).



Inspiration From The Classics

For the type who is more into Shakespeare than Suzanne Collins, there are plenty of options inspired by the classics, too. These Alice in Wonderland socks are so subtle that even if someone catches a glimpse of ankle, they’ll think it’s just an interesting pattern. Meanwhile, these two pairs may have a more restrained print, but their delightfully punny names will have you giggling whenever you see them. Toe-meo and Juliet socks, anyone? Or perhaps you prefer Edgar Allen Poe-ka Dots?



Looking For Prints Charming

Finally, we’ve got something for the classic, zany sock lover out there. The person who just likes a fun print in bright colors – something to brighten up the day without having to say a whole lot about your recreational preferences (except, of course, your preference for buying fun socks…). We’ve got books, books with reading glasses, books and cats (they just go together so well!), and even typewriters.