Host a Book Party with Your Friends for World Party Day

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

[Photo by Julia Larson from Pexels]

It’s World Party Day and while we’re definitely not going to any parties anytime soon, we can still find creative ways to hang out with our friends – especially when the aim of that hangout is to take things back to mid-2010s book Tumblr, with an IRL twist.



Start a Club for Book Lovers

Book clubs are great if you’re looking for some accountability and motivation, but where’s the book club for voracious readers who cannot wait to share what they’re reading with the world? This year, celebrate World Party Day with a slightly irreverent book club. There’s just one rule: you have to talk about the book you’re reading right now. So if you’re reading Lycanthropy and Other Chronic Illnesses by Kristen O’Neal and your best friend is reading Crystal Clear by Jaya Saxena, your book club talks about both – and the books your other friends are reading! No restrictions on genre, no deadlines. Just friends sharing their love of reading with each other.

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Play Bookish Games in the Park

If you and your friends are feeling safe enough to do so, consider moving your bookish party to a local park – masked, of course. Seeing friends in person is a serious mood booster and so needed over a year into this pandemic. And since everyone’s already bringing a book with them to the hangout, consider adding a bookish game to the mix. We recommend the indie card-based game Bring Your Own Book. It’s like Apples to Apples, but the second deck is the book you’re reading right now. And all the prompts are super fun, ranging from “dialogue in an action movie” to “lyrics from a power ballad” – and everything in between!



Over Zoom – With Bookish Treats

If meeting outside isn’t an option, spice up your Zoom party with a delicious theme. We’re talking about food, of course! Choose a theme for your book party and send along a recipe that everyone can make together. Our suggestion is to start off with a regency theme because it’s the perfect excuse to make raspberry scones and tea while talking about your favorite period romance novels. We’ll be in the corner recommending My Lady’s Choosing by Larissa Zageris and Kitty Curran while drinking chamomile with honey.

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Play a Twist on Twenty Questions

Whether you’re meeting IRL or virtually, recommending books to each other is an absolute must. Play a twist on Twenty Questions where party guests ask each reader a series of yes or no questions until they’ve come up with the perfect next book for them. And as a bonus, you’ll have the perfect book to talk about at your next bookish gathering.


Party on, people! Safely, of course.