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Women in Comics Part III: 10 Awesome Graphic Novels by Women

For the final part of this series, I want to talk about all of the incredible graphic novels by women that are floating around in book and comic stores out there. These women are putting out beautiful, lengthy, amazing works of art and calling them graphic novels, and you can just buy them! With regular money! At a store! WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!

Bookish Events in Philadelphia: March 27th–April 2nd

April, already? Almost! We can’t believe how quickly the year’s going. April is National Poetry Month and we can’t wait to see what Philadelphia has in store. The ground is blossoming pink and yellow and though it’s not quite warm yet, we can feel it just around the corner. The last fews days of March are promising but we can’t wait for warm weather adventures and poetry in Clark Park! Check out this week's Bookish Events:

The Day in the Life of a Librarian


Women’s History Month: Six Movies About Real Women Writers

Here at Quirk Books we continue to celebrate National Women’s History Month. This time we bring you six movies based on the lives of real women writers.

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Brew a Magic Potion

Snape isn't the only one who can concoct a wicked awesome potion. With the help of the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Paranormal, you can whip up potions just as well as the Half Blood Prince, if not better.

Bookish Spring Cleaning?: Some Tips For Pruning Your Collection

Image via Tumblr

It's that time of the year again - time to de-clutter your life, fix things you've been meaning to fix, clean hard-to-reach areas you're only motivated to wrestle with like twice a year, and maybe even donate that rack of clothes sitting in the back of your closet, unloved and unworn. Ah, Spring Cleaning.

For book lovers, it can also mean it's time to de-clutter the shelves. Do you have piles of books everywhere, stacked precariously in an organized mess? It might be time to shake things up and trim the collection down. Here are some ideas for making your collection more manageable, and maybe even more meaningful. 

And before anyone sends me a snooty comment: I'm not saying you have to prune your collection. If you don't want to, then don't. But maybe consider re-organizing it, building or buying new shelves to replace the piles lying around the house, giving everyone stubbed toes and looming over your small pets, or maybe even putting some of them away in storage somewhere. The general idea is to de-clutter - get some more breathing room! 

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