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Five Beautiful Bookish Sculptures (Made with Real Books)

I hate to admit this, but books have a—pun intended—shelf life. Sometimes they are damaged by accident and sometimes they just don't stand up to the passage of time. However, there are some incredible artists out there who make old books beautiful again by using them as a medium for awesome sculptures. Here's a taste of what five of these super talented people have produced.

Ten Unusual and Amazing Libraries We'd Love To Visit

I have wonderful memories of hanging out at the library as a kid, I’d had access to the libraries on this list, it’s where I would have spent most my time. 

Included on the list are some pretty exotic and beautiful libraries that will make you want to travel the world just to visit, but also in the mix are some that might just be closer to home than you think.
1. One of my favorites is the Nassau Public Library Reading Room and Museum (pictured above). Not only is it on the island of Nassau, in the Bahamas, but it actually used to be a jail. Constructed in 1797, the prison cells now hold books instead of prisoners and there’s also a museum featuring Arawak artifacts and historic prints. If you’re lucky enough to visit the paradise that is Nassau, make this a must see! Photo via

The Tannins of Wrath: Select Wines to Accompany Your Favorite Genres (and All Under $100)

Drinking wine, strangely enough, is very much like reading a book. While the average wine drinker may easily simplify a cabernet or a pinot as either “very good” or “absolutely terrible,” wine writers have the knack for reviewing wines in a similar fashion as would book critics. A wine may have a hard or soft finish, varied ingredients, and an overall taste that all contribute to what Poe may have called a Singular Fermentation. To assist your literary wine needs, I’ve conjured a wine for each of the most popular genres there are.

Five Classic Children's Books That Should Be Adapted by HBO

There are so many classic children’s books that have dark, meaningful storylines and HBO shows are often groundbreaking and thought provoking.
The two truly go hand in hand. Here are five children’s books that would be excellent on the network.

Literary Events in Philly This Week: July 20th - July 26th

The Philly weather has been somewhat tumultuous over the past few days, but the weekend looks bright and clear.  It's a perfect time to get out of the house and into your summer reading. Spots we like for reading, writing, and hanging out outdoors: Clark Park in West Philly, the ever-popular Rittenhouse Square, and a comfy hammock at this summer's Spruce Street Harbor Park pop-up. If you want your literature more lively than leisurely this coming week, here are some great events for you.


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