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Famous Minds On Love's Greatest Questions

Image Credit: Krislyn Dillard

When it comes to matters of the heart, there is no right or wrong answer, only answers. Here's what the most famous authors and thinkers have had to say about love's greatest questions.  

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Reading Recommendations for Deadpool

We at Quirk Books care about Deadpool's literary tastes. He might not be the most self-centered but he does like to see himself in what he reads. Off-center moral compass? Dancing along the fourth wall? Brilliant, meta, snarky, and never boring? That sounds about right.

If you’re feeling a little irreverent, a little violent, and just keep expecting life to keep kicking your ass, you might need some Deadpool distraction. His top seven reads right now…

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Bookish Valentine's Day Bookmarks To Share

We at Quirk Books love to share! So for Valentine’s Day we’re sharing bookmarks inspired by the best friend charm necklaces of decades past. Just print, cut down the middle, and there’s one for you and one for your chosen recipient. (Or keep both, we won’t tell.)

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4 Heart-Wrenching Tragedies of Love in Recent Pop Culture

Here is a look at some of the heart-wrenching love stories to have graced pop culture in recent years. Fair warning, this post is full of spoilers. 

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Quirk Corral: What Are Wizard Taxes Like and Other Concerns

Here at Quirk we’ve spent the week scouring the internet for the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links. Whether you are looking for some dollar store DIY projects or are wondering how wizards pay taxes, we’re sure to have something to make you smile.

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Literary Lovers Who Deserve Each Other, A Mash-Up

Have you ever read a book and, halfway through, caught yourself thinking, “This character deserves so much better!?” It may be because they’ve been dealt an unfortunate hand, have lost a parent, or job, or simply can’t seem to get their life together. All of that is unfortunate, but sometimes the root of the problem lies in their inexplicable failure to find a romantic partner deserving of them. 

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