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7 Literary Characters Banned from Our Thanksgiving Dinner

No matter how much you love your family the Thanksgiving Day table can easily turn into a scene from The Hunger Games when there’s only one Pillsbury roll left and more than one hand grabbing for it. That’s why along with our fictional-characters-we’d-love-to-picnic-with list we also have 7 fictional characters banned from our turkey dinner. No turkey for you!

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Bookish DIY Gifts: An Avant-Gourd Tote


/avänt' gôrd/

1. Unusual or experimental use of decorative gourds for artistic purposes.*

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Quirk's Thanksgiving Cookbook Goodreads Giveaway

It's only Tuesday, but we're already dreaming of homemade cooking, awkward encounters with in-laws and relatives, and a food coma to last all weekend. So with that smorgasbord in mind, we've set up an impromptu Goodreads giveaway featuring our hotter-than-hot, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookbooks this fall: Maple and Making Dough. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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8 Fictional Bellhops Warren the 13th Can Seek For Advice

Warren the 13th  is having a bit of a rough time lately—his uncle has married Anaconda, of the evil step-aunt variety, and the hotel business isn’t doing much business. Until of course, news of the All-Seeing-Eye treasure gets out and Warren can’t keep up with the crazed guests. While he’s a smart and resourceful little boy, it never hurts to have some help—even if it’s in the form of a cautionary tale—so we’ve rounded-up some bellhops who Warren might like to call upon.

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Quirk Corral: The Merits of Fan Fiction and The Power of Selfies

Here at Quirk we’ve spent hours searching the internet for the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links of the past week. Whether you are looking for the National Book Awards Winners or some old-timey pictures of a turkey in a top hat, we’re sure to have something to make your day (and your Thanksgiving!) a little brighter.

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Perfectly Nerdy Thanksgiving Feast Ideas: A Recipe Round-up

Soon we'll be sitting down to celebrate one of the most glorious and gluttonous holidays of the year.  But we know some of you Quirkers are looking to step up your Thanksgiving game.  So to help you nerd out your turkey’s dinner-table friends, we’ve put together a fantasy smorgasbord that’s sure to make any literary palette water.

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