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A Delicious Potato Recipe Round-up Inspired By The Martian

Dust off those spacesuits, it’s time blast off in your own personal spaceship to see The Martian. We all know that Mark Watney is the greatest botanist on Mars.  Okay, so he's also the only botanist on Mars, but does that really make it less impressive? If you’re a true Martian fan you know what Astronaut Watney is growing in his crew’s abandoned habitat (that’s Hab for those in the know): Potatoes. Kilograms and kilograms of potatoes.

To celebrate the movie’s theatrical landing, here are four delicious potato recipes guaranteed to impress your inner Astronaut Watney.

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A Playlist for The Martian's Mark Watney

Ground control to Major Tom...

Mark Watney, protagonist of Andy Weir’s novel The Martian, is one fun and feisty astronaut. He may be stranded on a foreign planet, but he has a great attitude about it and is full of creative ideas on how to overcome his (seemingly impossible) predicament. If anyone is worthy of a playlist, it’s this guy. 

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October 2015 Book Giveaways

Survive election year with Hilary Rodham Clinton Presidential Playset and Anything for a Vote

Check out where you can request copies below. Giveaways will run until October 31st. 

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5 Topics for the Hogwarts Debate Team

So you’re a wizard, Harry, and it’s the first day of a new school year at Hogwarts. It’s time to pick your extracurricular activities, and you’re not quite athletic enough to have made the Quidditch team. Why not go out for debate?

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4 Little Women Adaptations We Wish Would Happen

Recently, The CW bought a script for a TV adaptation of Little Women. Sounds great, right? What if I told you that this “gritty adaptation” re-sets our archetypal story of domestic sisterhood in dystopian Philadelphia? Would you ask the question I asked, the question on all Little Women fans’ minds: Why?

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Quirk at NY Comic-Con 2015

This is a love story set at the Javits Center, full of sound and fandom, signifying AWESOME! New York Comic-Con is upon us, folks! And we can't wait to show off our books and shower you with swag, so make sure to stop by Booth #2236 for your fix of all things Quirk-y!

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