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A Most Peculiar Loop Day: How to Celebrate September 3rd

Ed. Note: Greetings, Peculiars! In advance of Loop Day—September 3rd—we've asked one of the peculiar children to advise on best practices for celebrating and enjoying this most special day. 

Bother and drat. Loop Day is nearly upon us and I’ve only just begun to prepare for our celebration! My name is Horace Somnusson, and as usual I’m in charge of decorating; it’s a widely-acknowledged fact that I’m the only one of Miss Peregrine’s wards with any sense of style. Well, I suppose that’s not entirely fair – Millard has a little style, when he bothers to wear clothes at all – but compared to me his sartorial acumen is like a pebble lost in the shadow of a mountain.

I could go on (Bronwyn: shall I compare thee to a brick draped in burlap?) but as I said, I’m short on time and long on festive decorations to curate. And despite my many important responsibilities (and rather against my will), I’ve been nominated to educate you all about the ins and outs of Loop Day. Some of you, I’m told – even people who have never lived in a time loop – may want to celebrate along with us this year. Why, I can’t imagine. But can I stop you? No, I cannot. So read on.

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5 Fictional Characters Who Laugh In the Face of Guinness World Records

On August 27, 1955 the very first edition of The Guinness Book of Records was released. Since then it has become a source of awe and curiosity, and certainly a few cringes. We all remember the annual school book fair in middle school that always had at least a few copies circulating with groups of kids huddled around, everyone pointing and talking over each other. You were out of luck if you hadn’t been given enough money to buy a copy because it was always checked out at the library—which got us thinking about some fictional characters and the Guinness Records they’d probably hold.

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Matching A Book By Its Cover: A Visual Exercise

Some book covers beg to be stacked side-by-side. Like a Mariah Carey song, they belong together. Regardless of story or content, these covers complement each other so well visually, they should go on a date, get book-married, and have sequels. 

This, my friends, is a book cover matchmaking, and here’s some of our favorites:

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William Shakespeare's Star Wars Book Tour

Ian Doescher is hitting the road and coming to a bookstore near you to promote The Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge, the final book in William Shakespeare's Star Wars saga. In addition to reading from the book, signing copies, and greeting fans, Ian is going to have some fun swag to dish out on tour. Hope to see you there and may the Force be with you! 

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How-To Tuesday: Get a Bikini Body... of Literature

Are your favorite summer reads beach-ready? There’s just one way to get your book ready for bikini season: make a book-ini for your book! Craft a no-sew, no-nonsense book-ini for your summer reading and show off that bodacious body of literature in no time. Craft book-inis in any color or style you choose to keep the sand and surf out of your own books, or whip up a few to use as gift wrap when you share your favorite summertime reads with others.

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Quirk Corral: Batman Inspired Lattes, Books, and Video Games!

Credit: Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo

Here at Quirk, we’ve scoured the internet for the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links of the past week to help make your Monday a little brighter. Whether you desperately need a Batman inspired latte, or just want to fantasize about a modern day Pride and Prejudice, we’ve got you covered.

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