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Bookish Events in Philadelphia: April 24–April 30

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Do you like haiku?
We've got some news about a
Slam on Saturday.

Hey, are you a geek?
We've got some news about an
Open mic next week too.

Poetry month is
Not over yet, people of

Poems and stories,
Live and in-person, here are
Your Bookish Events.

Literary Inception: Seven Books Found Within Books

Great storytellers create worlds for readers to escape within. Sometimes these worlds contain multiple layers, and you may find yourself in a story within a story. In some cases, we’re talking an entire book inside of the one you’re reading. (Yo dawg, we heard you liked books, etc.) Here are seven great examples:

Where's Momo? Announcing the Find Momo Coast to Coast Book Tour

This May, Andrew Knapp and his adorable dog Momo are climbing into their 1977 VW van and hitting the road on a cross-country book tour to promote their latest book, Find Momo Coast to Coast (have you entered the pre-order campaign yet?). Andrew and Momo will chat with fans, sign books (with both autographs and pawtographs!), and share Momo-themed stories. 

Human and canine friends are welcome! Check out the dates below, and come say hi!

Seven Reasons the Mechanical Pencil is a Writer’s Best Friend

The year 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of Charles R. Keeran's U.S. patent for the Ever-Sharp pencil, also known as the modern mechanical pencil. Combined with Tokuji Hayakawa’s Japanese patent from 1920 for the pencil’s metal core, Keeran’s invention paved the way for the mechanical pencils we use today.

I have been using mechanical pencils my entire writing life. If you ask me, the mechanical pencil is a writing tool superior to any other. Therefore, in celebration of the anniversary of Keeran’s patent, here are seven reasons why I believe the mechanical pencil is a writer’s best friend.

10 Temporary Literary Tattoos to Get Your Non-Permanent Book Geek On

Nothing says you love something, and will love it always and forever, like having it permanently drilled into your skin. Luckily for us change-seeking-pain-avoiders there are temporary literary tattoos that look real *wink wink* and are sure to start many bookish conversations.

Top 10 Tuesday: 10 All-Time Favorite Authors

This was not an easy post to write. This week’s Top 10 Tuesday, hosted by The Broke & the Bookish, is all about our favorite authors. Ten of them. That’s it. I could easily add another fifty names to the list that follows, but I don’t want to keep you here all day.

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