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FridayReads: Quirk's Picks For National Readathon Day

Tomorrow, on January 24th, Quirk is participating in National Readathon Day. A campaign organized by the National Book Foundation and Penguin Random House, National Readathon Day seeks to help raise awareness for reading, and get people into books. Which is like, basically the best cause ever. Readers help fundraise, talk about their books, and help support the National Book Foundation. Proceeds will support their education programs, like BookUp.

It's National Handwriting Day! What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

In this age of touch tablets and smart watches and phone cameras, National Handwriting Day might seem kind of quaint: oh yeah, that thing we used to do by gripping a writing implement tightly between our bony hand-extremities and scrawling out glyphs to our fellow humans.

But handwriting is here to stay! Thumb-typing is dandy, but paper is handy…er. (Face it: when it comes to jotting quick notes, something about thinly sliced dried tree pulp is just timeless and irresistible.) And whether it’s on a post-it, a grocery list, a cocktail napkins, or handsome leatherbound journal, the letters you shape and the way you shape them can reveal hidden facets of your personality.

Ready to unlock the secrets of your psyche? Write on:

That Was A Book?: 11 Movies You Probably Didn't Know Were Adaptations

Books have long served as inspiration for filmmaking. Nowadays, as some publications become blockbusters, many cinematic adaptations come with built-in audiences of readers eager to see the beloved source material brought to life on the screen. But for every Gone Girl or Wild, there are films like the upcoming Mordecai, which you probably didn’t know is also an adaptation (in this case, of an anthology: The Mordecai Trilogy by Kyril Bonfiglioli).

Here are eleven more examples of movies you may not know started out as books:

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Survive When You're Called On and Don't Know the Answer

We all know that paying attention in class is important, but we also know that it's not always possible. Late night cram seshes can make you crash hard in the A.M. (We'll pretend you were studying, anyway. We'll keep your secret, you party animal, you.) 

But hey, maybe you studied really hard and even then, when the professor calls on you, you don't know the answer. Everyone's eyes are on you. Don't worry. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: College will prepare you even when you're, well, not prepared. 

A Sneak Peek at Two New "Stuff Should Know" Books: Groom & Golfer

I really love it when advance copies of upcoming books arrive at the Quirk Books HQ. It's just so magical. They have the new book smell, you know? 

This week, copies of the two latest installments in our "Should Know" books arrived. Stuff Every Groom Should Know by Eric San Juan and Stuff Every Golfer Should Know by Brian Bertoldo. Eric's actually done another Stuff book for us, Stuff Every Husband Should Know, which came out back in 2011. 

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