Tiny Pep Talks

Bite-Size Encouragement for Life's Annoying, Stressful, and Flat-Out Lousy Moments

About the Book

Why should you need to be doing something important or impressive to get a pep talk? Two comedians offer hilarious encouragement for your most mundane struggles.

Anybody can tell you “You can do it!” before the big job interview, or before you walk down the aisle, or before you head out onto the field to make the game-winning kick at the Super Bowl. But what about the other 99.99% of stuff you do? Who’s going to gas you up for all those low-stakes situations where you need an extra push?

That’s where Tiny Pep Talks comes in. Comedians Paula Skaggs and Josh Linden are rooting for you, and they’re here to cheerlead you through your everyday challenges. You’ll find specific, constructive, and—most of all—very funny motivation for:

  • Parallel parking (cars just weren’t meant to go sideways!)
  • Sending a scary email (if you died and came back as a ghost, wouldn’t it suck if this was your unfinished business?)
  • Making a doctor’s appointment (think how good you’ll feel when you’re finished—like a runner’s high without the chafing!)
  • Doing your taxes (just round to the nearest dollar! The IRS could never be mad at you—not with a face like that)
  • Getting through a breakup (did you know the grocery store will sell you a cake on any day for any reason?)
  • Remembering that all your friends are not secretly mad at you (they’re busy worrying all their friends are secretly mad at them)
  • …and many more!

If you’re going through it, have ever gone through it, or will maybe go through it in the future, let Tiny Pep Talks give you the boost you need.

About the Author

Josh Linden

Josh Linden is a writer and comedian. Along with Paula, Josh is the co-creator of the hit conversation game No Wrong Answers: Cards for Better Conversations and cohost of Being Earnest (A Very Sincere Podcast). He has produced and written in shows across Chicago, including at iO Theater, The Second City, CIC Theater and the Chicago Improv Den. He has a degree in Medieval History, which comes in handy surprisingly often. Josh lives in Chicago with his wife and (very long) dog.

Paula Skaggs

Paula Skaggs is a writer and comedian. Along with Josh, she’s the co-creator of the conversation game No Wrong Answers: Cards for Better Conversations and the cohost of the podcast Being Earnest (A Very Sincere Podcast). Paula’s writing has been featured in The Onion, Repeller and InsideHook, and she’s been a writer for the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop, the NBC Scene Showcase and the Catalyst Content Festival. She’s the former Director and Executive Producer of iO’s House Sketch Team Program and has trained and performed at the Second City Conservatory, iO and in dingy bars all across Chicago. Paula runs the frozen meal review blog/newsletter Paula Eats. Thirty bucks says she’s probably drinking a Diet Coke right now.

Product Details

  • Hardcover ISBN: 9781683694441
  • e-Book ISBN: 9781683694458
  • Page Count: 176
  • Release Date: November 19, 2024