Would Harrison Ford’s Iconic Characters Survive in Westeros?

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[Movie still from Blade Runner 2049, Alcon Entertainment and Columbia Pictures]

In honor of Harrison Ford’s 75th birthday this past week, and Game of Thrones returning for its seventh season this weekend, today we are ranking some of Harrison Ford’s iconic characters by their likelihood to survive in the Seven Kingdoms. For the purposes of this post, we will assume that while the characters retain their personalities, they will bring none of the technology of their worlds into Westeros. Which means no blasters for Han Solo and zero ambiguity over whether Deckard is a Replicant.



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John Book, Witness

GOT Name: Jona Bok

Occupation: Septon


Septon Bok would be one of the good ones, going out of his way to help others and taking chances to improve the lot strangers in need. Unfortunately, this sort of philanthropic spirit is rarely rewarded in Westeros. While Septon Bok would likely never even hit the radar of a Lannister or a Bolton, his tendency to put himself in risky situations to help others would eventually be his undoing. While he would put up a good fight, ultimately Septon Book would not have the ruthlessness necessary to survive the vicious world of Westeros. 


Odds of survival: 200:1




[Movie still from Blade Runner, Warner Bros]


Rick Deckard, Blade Runner

GOT Name: Rik Dekkard

Occupation: Gold Cloak


Ser Dekkard’s suspicious nature and efficient investigative style make him well-suited to the City Watch, but his empathy toward those society has deemed disposable will prove to be his undoing. When Dekkard refuses to carry out King Joffrey’s orders to kill all the bastard children of Robert Baratheon, he is judged guilty of treason and sentenced to death.


Odds of survival: 150:1




[Movie still from Patriot Games, Paramount Pictures]


Jack Ryan, Patriot Games/Clear and Present Danger

GOT Name: Jak Riann

Occupation: Kingsguard

While Ser Riann would have a long and widely decorated career in the Kingsguard, his honor and refusal to play into a corrupt system would put him at odds with King Joffrey Baratheon, and he would find himself released from his vow of service. Although following his dismissal, Ser Riann would likely support Robb Stark’s claim to the throne, he would remain in King’s Landing, analyzing the moves of the Lannisters and sending ravens to the Starks advising on strategy. His missives would prove invaluable to the Northmen’s cause, but the odds of remaining undiscovered as a spy in King’s Landing are not good, even for one so skilled as Ser Riann.


Odds of Survival: 100:1




[Movie still from The Fugitive, Warner Bros]


Richard Kimble, The Fugitive

GOT Name: Rikkard Kimbal

Occupation: Maester at the Wall


After being convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, the former Maester was sent to Castle Black at the Wall. There, he proved himself a valuable member of the Night’s Watch, tending to the ill and wounded brothers while also showing a surprising aptitude for combat. Maester Rikkard lives as comfortable a life as one can at the Wall, surviving multiple Wildling attacks and saving many lives following the Massacre of Hardhome. Maester Rikkard’s true test would come when he refuses to support Alliser Throne’s mutiny against Lord Commander Jon Snow. It is possible Rikkard could come out of Thorne’s treasonous plot alive, but it would take all of his considerable wits to do so.


Odds of Survival: 80:1




[Movie still from Air Force One, Columbia Pictures and Beacon Communications]


James Marshall, Air Force One

GOT Name: Jammes Mirshal

Occupation: Lord


As if the War of the Five Kings wasn’t enough, Lord Jammes of House Mirshal feels he has as much claim to the Iron Throne as anyone else. House Mirshal, whose sigil is a soaring eagle surrounded by stars, is known for their might on the battlefield, as well as their refusal to negotiate with those who would attempt to use strong-arm tactics against them. Although he is unlikely to be the last one standing at the end of the series, he will make it at least as far as the Great Hall of the Red Keep, so that he can growl at whoever is sitting on the Iron Throne at the time, “Get off my throne.”


Odds of survival: 40:1




[Movie still from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, Lucasfilm]


Han Solo, Star Wars

GOT Name: Han Solo

Occupation: Smuggler 


A longtime associate of Ser Davos Seaworth, the smuggler and pirate Han Solo was at one time pledged to King Stannis Baratheon, but withdrew his support after sustaining heavy losses during the Battle of Blackwater. Since then, he has mostly kept his nose out of the game of thrones, although his name will occasionally pop up in connection to the movement of valuable and highly sought-after cargo for Lord Varys and Littlefinger. Specifically, it has been rumored that he has transported both Starks and Lannisters on multiple occasions, although after a thorough investigation, no evidence was found to support these allegations.


Odds of survival: 10:1




[Movie still from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Paramount Pictures and Lucasfilm]


Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones

GOT Name: Indan Jonns

Occupation: Maester


Despite Maester Indan’s oath of celibacy, he has had more assignments than any other maester due to numerous reports that his young female pupils find him “distracting” – one young lady went so far as to ink ‘I love you’ onto her eyelids – and cannot focus on their lessons. However, in recent years, he has flourished in his position as maester of Highgarden, serving House Tyrell, whose matriarch, Lady Olenna, responded to concerns about the girls of her house by saying that it’s good for them to learn to handle distractions, as the world seldom allows one to function without them. It is rumored that sometimes Maester Indan disappears from Highgarden for weeks at a time, often corresponding to significant battles or power shifts within the Seven Kingdoms, but when asked what she thinks of Maester Indan’s unexplained absences, Lady Olenna has responded simply, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


Odds of survival: 2:1

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