Books That Would Help Game of Thrones Characters Get Through the Final Season Alive

Posted by Rose Moore

The final season of Game of Thrones is nearly here, and fans are waiting to find out which of the remaining faces in Westeros will actually make it through the entire series alive, which is no easy feat in a world as violent as Westeros! So far, the ones still standing seem to have a solid handle on how to play the game, but everyone could use a little help sometimes! From strategy to personal development, these are the books that we’d recommend the Westerosi read… whether an individual recommendation, or something that pretty much anyone aiming for the throne could benefit from.



Jon Snow: Are You The One For Me by Barbara DeAngelis

Jon Snow has a solid grasp of leadership, survival, and politics — even if his obsession with honor and doing the right thing did get him killed once already. However, he seems to have learned how to survive the politics of the crown pretty well, which means that we’re recommending he turns his reading to another area of life: love. Jon Snow has made some pretty terrible romantic decisions so far, from falling in love with Wildling Ygritte when he knew that he would have to betray her (and ended up with a few arrows in him as a result). Now, of course, he’s fallen for Daenerys, which would be a wonderful thing…if she wasn’t already his aunt. Whoops. Jon might want to pick up something like Are You The One For Me, one of the original and best-known relationship advice tomes out there.



Everyone Who Wants The Throne: Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky

There are some books that everyone gunning for the throne should read, and Rules For Radicals is definitely top of that list. Alinsky was a huge (and well-publicized) influence on the Obamas, and if anyone knows how to rise to power against adversity, it’s them. Of course, Rules might be a little too gentle for the likes of someone like Cersei, but for a woman like Daenerys, this would be a perfect fit. This is the book for strategists who want to create real change — and do so against all kinds of opposition.



Theon Greyjoy: Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins

Poor Theon has been through the ringer, although a lot of that was his own fault. The Theon Greyjoy that we are left with in season eight is one who is absolutely crushed, still reeling from his time as Reek, from his father’s rejection, and now from his cowardice when his sister was captured. If anyone could use a little personal empowerment, it’s Theon. If he’s going to make it through the final season, he’s got to step up and gain some confidence — enough to save his sister, at the very least. Tony Robbins, possibly the most famous self-help guru in the world, would definitely be the one to shake him out of his misery and get him moving!



Sam Tarly: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

Sam may no longer be a coward, but he’s still not the bravest man in Westeros. And now that he’s left the safety of the Citadel, he’s going to have plenty more battles ahead of him. It’s time for him to really get ready to become a braver man, and what book would be better than the self-help classic, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers? It’s guaranteed that Sam is going to be feeling a whole lot of fear, and the gentle wisdom of Susan Jeffers would be the perfect way to encourage him to take on the challenge.


Everyone In Westeros: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

While we all hope that the Night King is defeated and our favorite character emerges triumphant to sit on the Iron Throne, there’s always the possibility that the army of the dead emerges triumphant. In that case, the citizens of Westeros could do worse than to brush up on their zombie-killing skills (and general survival skills) with Max Brooks’ guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse. While not everything listed in the guide is going to be available in this world, the general principles remain, and everyone should be brushing up on their zombie survival right now!

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