Friendship Pairings for Game of Thrones Characters

Posted by Nick Beard

With constantly shifting alliances, the characters in the Game of Thrones series can rarely relax with friends, talk about what’s on their minds, and really bond. Since besties are hard to come by within the world of Westeros, we have some suggestions for non-Westerosi friends they might enjoy spending time with – without the threat of a sour friendship turning into political betrayal, imprisonment or even death!

Sansa Stark and Hermione Granger

No one has faced more ill-treatment and heartbreak than Sansa Stark.  After watching her father’s execution and being forced into an abusive marriage with a tyrant, Sansa is trying to make a new start. Constantly reminded that her value lies in her ancestry, her looks, and her ability to provide the “right” breeding, Sansa needs friends who can encourage her to use her brain, to value herself outside of her role as a wife, but to rely on her strength and wit. Hermione Granger is the perfect fit – an intellectually gifted witch who loves nothing more than to research a problem and has long provided a thoughtful, steady friend, and surrogate family, to another orphan.  Hermione is the voice of reason in their magical adventures, and has a strong sense of morality. It’s clear that Hermione could help Sansa to take control of her own destiny, and be an advocate of social change and gender equality in Westeros.  Sansa needs a bestie with pure intentions who just wants to help her without any ulterior motives – and who better than experienced best friend Hermione?


Hodor and Chewbacca

But, hodor?  These two gentle giants have both shown incredible bravery and loyalty—whether it’s accompanying Bran past the wall or taking on the Galactic Empire. Hodor and Chewie are underestimated constantly. Chewie is deadly with a crossbow (and at the helm of a ship) and Hodor has defended the Stark clan from a multitude of strange and magical enemies.  They might have difficulty communicating but it seems likely that their good natured personalities would overcome any barriers.  Chewie has suffered some personal tragedies recently, and a new bestie to fight alongside him could be just what he needs. Space may be cold, but it’s likely that Hodor would be more than willing to trade the north of Westeros for a slightly better climate. 


Cersei Lannister and Dr. Beverly Crusher

Whether you’re ruling the Seven Kingdoms as the regent of the Iron Throne or running the medical department on Starfleet’s flagship, balancing romance, a career and a family is always difficult.  Cersei’s lost control of the throne, her children are no longer under her care, her love life… is difficult… Cersei certainly doesn’t have it together.  Cersei most definitely does not have it all.  It’s obvious that she needs a best friend whom she can laugh with, receive advice from – someone who understands a high pressured career and the level of stress that comes with it.  Who better than Dr Crusher, chief medical officer of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise?  Dr Crusher manages the Enterprise’s sickbay, is raising her son, Wesley, casually dating, spending quality time with her friends, and still looking fabulous.  Beverly would be the perfect friend to help Cersei recover her work-life balance. If she can fend off the borg she can certainly help Cersei maintain an orderly kingdom.


Brienne of Tarth, Black Widow and Wonder Woman

Whether you’re in Westeros or the Marvel and DC comic book universes, being a female hero is hard. Brienne of Tarth faces extreme misogyny in her quest to become a knight, and is trying to define herself through her prowess as a warrior rather than by her father and her family.  Two women who are the sole female members on their respective crime fighting teams. Black Widow’s and Wonder Woman’s struggles are rarely highlighted as much as their male counterparts and they are always a supporting character.  All three women can be lethal on the battlefield – whether it’s with pistols, swords, or lassos – and are tentative about allowing romance interfere with their missions at hand.  These three women are constantly proving their worth in a man’s world. We think this trio of friends would have many long conversations about what it’s like to constantly save their male teammates