WhoTube: The Best Doctor Who Mashups

Posted by Jo Pincushion

When we’re feeling down and need a pick me up we usually head over to YouTube to look at cat videos.  We found something equally as awesome.  If you’re a Whovian we’re sure you’ve seen these videos floating around cyber space.  We’re talking about fan made YouTube Doctor Who Mashups—and boy are they amazing!

We know the Doctor Who universe is much bigger than what we see on the show.  Thanks to YouTube, fans have taken it upon themselves to make some pretty interesting videos.  These are much more than fan fiction.  They’re a way for fans to give back to the franchise they love so much.  

The Day of the Doctor Special Opening Credits [Friends Style]: We’ll start things off with an incredibly fun video.  Not only does this highlight the best parts about The Day of the Doctor but it adds a bit of 90s nostalgia.  One of the most iconic things about the hit 90’s TV show Friends was it’s catchy theme song. 

YouTube user SilentAngel decided to take this song and make a fun opening sequence for the 50th Anniversary special.  The result is pretty amazing.

Rose is Still Around: This video doesn’t have the most impressive editing but we still like to watch it every once in awhile.  You know, when we feel like being extra heartbroken on a Friday night.  This fan made mashup answers the question, “What ever happened to Rose Tyler and The Doctor’s human hybrid?” 

This mashup answers all your burning questions while managing to be the most heartbreaking thing this side of any parallel universe. 

WHOLOCK:  If you haven’t seen this mashup stop everything you’re doing and watch it right now.  This isn’t just a bunch of Doctor Who and Sherlock clips strategically edited together.  This is a digitally constructed visual effects piece that looks so amazing you would swear Steven Moffat produced it himself. 

YouTube user John Smith even posted a VFX breakdown so you can see exactly how he did it!

Blink to the Future: This is an animated mashup that combines two of the greatest modern time travel stories; Doctor Who and Back to the Future

This is a fast paced fun ride through two of your favorite fictional universes.  We think this show would make the perfect Saturday morning cartoon!

The Doctor Who Games: We volunteer as tribute-wimey!  That….that works, right? Either way, this Doctor Who and Hunger Games mashup is pretty funny. 

What if all of The Doctor’s regenerations were pit against each other in a fight to the death?  No regenerations!  No mercy!  Tons of laughs!