Extermi-Bake: Doctor Who Inspired Baking Supplies?!

Posted by Jennifer Morell

If your culinary prowess extends no further than fish fingers and custard, then perhaps you need some help. It isn’t easy to construct a Dalek from frosting or draw the clean lines of the TARDIS from royal icing. If your attempts look like they have exterminated themselves, hopefully our roundup of Doctor Who themed baking supplies can help you create treats worthy of being shared with friends throughout time and space.

These cookie cutters were 3D printed and are totally amazing. If your geeky predilections extend beyond Doctor Who, there are a whole range of other characters to choose from as well.
Doctor Who Cookie Cutters from WarpZone on Etsy, $6.50 each

These stamps are an easy way to decorate cookies, without needing to roll out the dough.
Cookie Stamps from Totalum on Etsy, $11.95 each

Perhaps the simplest way to dress up a cupcake is to adorn it with the right accessories. These printable files can make your treats look “cool,” terrifying, or even a little “sexy.”

Left: “Cool” toppers and wrappers from Risa Rocks It on Etsy, $6
Middle: Weeping Angel toppers and wrappers from Charming Cupcakes on Etsy, $19
Right: TARDIS toppers and wrappers from Charming Cupcakes on Etsy, $19

If baking doesn’t work out, maybe this sweet artwork will. If you can’t make Doctor inspired treats, at least you can have a Doctor inspired kitchen.
Left: “Souffle Girl” Mini Print from Megan Lara Art on Etsy, $5
Right: “Souffle Girl” 8×10 Print from The Joyful Fox on Etsy, $20

Doctor Who Cupcakes and Dalek Cupcake 5×7 Prints from Susan Oleinik on Etsy, $10

Have you made any Doctor Who inspired creations? Let us see!