There’s a Saint For That: Heavenly Allies for Everyday Life

Posted by Rose Moore

The pope rolls into our homebase of Philadelphia this weekend. And as he leaves the Vatican to head to the City of Brotherly Love, we wouldn’t be surprised if he sends a prayer or two to Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers. But what about other kinds of 21st-century problems? Whether you’re throwing a party, buying a house, losing at poker or wishing for more followers on Instagram, there’s a Saint for that.

There may even be a few. Which can be a little confusing, sometimes. If you're stressing out about the seating chart at your wedding, should you reach out to St. Dorothy (the patron saint of brides), St. Louis IX of France (bridegrooms), St. Eustace (difficult decisions) or St. Eugene De Mazenod (dysfunctional families)?! 

Taking a page or two from This Saint Will Change Your Life by Thomas J. Craughwell, here's a quick mini-guide to old saints for modern day problems: 

Stuck in Traffic?

When you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic and feel your headache and frustration building, reach out to St. John The Baptist (highway construction), St. Christopher (travel), and St. Acacius (headaches).  Also, if you are stuck in a cab in a traffic jam, you could always ask St. Fiacre (cab drivers) for a little help.


Need To Up Your Selfie Skills For Instagram? 

If your follower count is low because you just can’t get that perfect selfie, there are a few saints just ready and waiting to help make sure your Instagram is on point. St. Veronica (photographers) will help you find the best angle, while St. Isidore of Seville (the internet) is always there for your social media needs. If you still feel like a rock troll in your snaps, reach out to St. Germaine Cousin (unattractive people).


Headed to Vegas for a Vacation?

You may not think to ask the saints to keep an eye on your party weekend in Sin City, but Our Lady of Loreto (airline pilots and passengers) will help get you there and back safely, while St. Camillus De Lellis (card sharps) and St. Cajetan (gamblers) will be by your side at the tables. After those free drinks while you’re there, don’t forget about St. Bibiana (hangovers).


Credit Card Bills Piling Up?

Money troubles are nothing new, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of saints ready and waiting for those moments when you just can’t quite make that payment on time, such as St. Bernadette Soubirous (poverty), St. Stephen the Younger (coin collectors) and The Holy Infant of Prague (to ensure prosperity). If you want to get a little creative with your saints as well as your finances, St. John Bosco (jugglers) could be another to turn to!


Have a Dinner Guest Who’s Gluten Free?

If your friend’s new squeeze is coming over for the first time and you just found out that they are strictly gluten-free, time to take a deep breath and call on St. Lawrence (cooks), St. Bonaventure (bowel diseases) and St. Martha (being stressed by guests!). They probably can’t tell you if your salad-dressing is gluten-free, but still…


Dealing With Bloggers-Block?

Trying to write a regular, useful, fun and popular blog is no mean feat. If you are struggling with what to say, light a candle to St. Isidore of Seville (the internet), St. Augustine (bloggers), and St. Francis De Salles (writers). You may also want to add a little prayer to St. Expeditus (procrastination)!

Finally, if you can’t find the perfect saint to call on?

St. Jude, the saint of impossible problems, is the one for you!