How-to Tuesday: Simple Ways to Hello Kitty Your Everyday Life

Posted by Jessica Yang

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Hello Kitty is the probably one of the most famous kitties and the most ubiquitous kitty in our lives, appearing in various forms from pots to instant ramen. Yet, how ingrained is she in your personal life? Do you have anything Hello Kitty related? I mean, we do, what with our Hello Kitty Baking Book and Crochet book that came out last month. If not, here’s our guide to Hello Kitty-fy your own daily routine.

Breakfast: There’s no better way to start off your day with a serving of pancakes so why not make Hello Kitty pancakes? You can either draw your Hello Kitty pancakes using a squeeze bottle filled with pancake batter or use a metal Hello Kitty cookie cutter as a mold to shape your pancakes.

Early Morning Coffee: Do your part in saving some trees and Hello Kitty-fying your life with this crocheted coffee cozy from Fancy That Notion. It’s cute and saves you from taking those pesky cardboard holders!

Lunch: Spice up your boring sandwich by making it Hello Kitty shaped. A large Hello Kitty cookie cutter could be used to cut your bread, meat and cheese into Hello Kitty shapes.  

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Afternoon Tea: You know how everyone seems to be obsessed with the super simple DIY sharpie mugs on Pinterest? Here’s another idea: Draw Hello Kitty’s face on a mug with a Sharpie. As usual, wait until the mug is dry (24 hours) and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for thirty minutes. Voila!

Dinner: If you’re feeling super crafty, make Hello Kitty Sushi. The key is to make sure the log of uncut sushi retain their respective shapes when viewed head-on, whether it be Hello Kitty’s face or her bow.

Bedtime: Make your own Hello Kitty sleep mask using this tutorial from While Wearing Heels, replacing the flowers with Hello Kitty’s signature bow and adding felt whiskers.

What are some of your favorite Hello Kitty DIYs? 

Jessica Yang

Jessica Yang

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