The Geekiest Holiday TV Specials of the Past & Present

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Not only is it the season for television shows to air their holiday specials but thanks to Netflix, and channels that play repeats, you can also watch all your favorites from years past. And we’re here to help with the what-to-watch by rounding-up our favorite past and present geeky holiday specials.

Friends: “The One with the Holiday Armadillo”

Just How Geeky Is It: Let’s just say it may end with Ross dressed as an armadillo instead of Santa. And it being Ross of course it turns into a lesson about Hanukkah after the explanation of how an armadillo is Santa’s representative.  


Frasier: “Frasier Grinch”

Just How Geeky Is It: After Frasier reads an inspirational parable on air (while drunk coworkers decorate him) him and Niles make a last-minute trip to the mall that ends with them haggling with a stranger over items from a Young Minds store. Did we mention the popular toy of the year is an Outlaw Laser Robo-Geek?


Chuck: “Chuck versus Santa Claus”

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Just How Geeky Is It: The episode starts with Chuck saying, “Christmas at the Bartowski’s means eggnog, PJs, a fake gas fireplace, and that’s right a Twilight Zone marathon.” We’d like an invite to the Bartowski’s Christmas, please.


Family Matters: “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Urkel”

Just How Geeky Is It: Urkel. And Laura in Urkel’s shoes—literally.


The X-Files: “Christmas Carol”

Just How Geeky Is It: Okay, so more creepy/spooky than geeky but since it’s always listed on “geeky shows to watch” we’re listing it. What exactly did we mean by creepy/spooky? Well, during a case brought to Scully’s attention—thanks to possible phone calls from a dead woman—she comes across a young child that looks exactly like her sister and that child might have a familial DNA…


iZombie: "Cape Town"

Just How Geeky Is It: Liv eats an amateur superhero’s brain and, well, takes on the whole I'm-a-superhero persona—with costume, belt, and cheesy one-liners. Oh, and for the added holiday spirit we have a crooked Santa and a dead body in a Christmas tree.


The Goldbergs: “A Christmas Story”

Just How Geeky Is It: “Super Hanukkah” is invented and there’s an impressive amount of “ugly” holiday sweaters/vests. Plus, our personal favorite, a homemade trophy made from a wine glass plus a styrofoam cup.


Parks and Recreation: “Citizen Knope”

Just How Geeky Is It: While Leslie is getting everyone the perfect holiday gifts Ben is interviewing for a job: “It's a job doing in-house accounting work for an accounting firm. So could be pretty interesting.” (It may end with the holiday spirit of giving and you may need a tissue.)


Farscape: “Terra Firma”

Just How Geeky Is It: Upon returning home John responds to the news of Laura and D.K.’s marriage by saying to Laura, “You said he was a geek.” Laura responds, “He is a geek.” And D.K. chimes in, “I won her over.” Aw, geeky love you melt our geeky hearts. And aliens Christmas shopping for the win!


A Different World: “For Whom the Jingle Bell Tolls”

Just How Geeky Is It: Freddie adopted whales for everyone’s Christmas gifts.

But really we had to add it to the list because of the clever bookish title.


Fresh Off the Boat: “The Real Santa”

Just How Geeky Is It: Jessica “improves” Santa by making him an “aeronautical engineer and an accomplished scientist.” But our favorite moment is the Christmas village with two bookshops—we don’t understand how this could possibly be called an accident.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Yippie Kayak”

Just How Geeky Is It: Jake is so obsessed with the movie Die Hard he’s actually thrilled to be taken hostage in a mall while Christmas shopping. And someone may geek-up the most quotable line from that movie. That someone is Charles.