The 10 Geekiest Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Posted by Carrie Jo Tucker

Editor's Note: The holidays are still going, folks! Keep wearing those ugly sweaters. Post originally published on December 12/18/15.

The ugly Christmas sweater. Once the bane of any child’s existence, it has now become a chic throwback. Perhaps it can be traced to Leslie Hall’s epic “Gem Sweater.” Or perhaps it was inspired by simple irony – everything can be connected to irony. But not for us. We’ve always been fans of the bizarre garment. 

In any case, what are rebellious geeks to do when everyone else has co-opted their look? Why, look even geekier! We are here to help, with our top 10 geeky ugly Christmas sweaters.

Star Wars: Lack of Cheer Disturbing Unisex Knitted Christmas Sweater

We are limiting this list to ONE, yes ONE, Star Wars sweater. Do not ask why. You know why.


The Christmas Cake Is A Lie!

While Portal writer Erik Wolpaw may be sick of cake, it still makes us giggle. Oh, GLaDOS. If you’re talking about fruitcake, we hope it is a lie.


Nintendo: Super Mario Bros Jumping Green Unisex Christmas Sweater

Just, don’t you dare enter a room by declaring, “It’s-a me, Mario!”


All I Want For Christmas

Santa, are you reading this?


Merry Critmas! Ugly Christmas Sweater

May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases see you rolling a crit.


Merry X-mas

Q: What do you look forward to after Christmas and the New Year? A: January 24th, 2016. Believe that.


Santa Unicorn Sweater, $74.95

This is Santa riding a unicorn. Think about it for a minute: Santa riding a unicorn. And it’s made by Tipsy Elves.




Christmas Taco Deadpool Faux Ugly Sweater

Have a very meta and meme-y Christmas with the shogun of sarcasm. Oh, and tacos, of course.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Geeky Pullover Sweatshirt

We don’t know what says “Christmas cheer” more than robots, dinosaurs, lightening bolts, and Galaga!


Ugly Christmas Sweater, Never Trust an Atom Premium Crewneck Sweatshirt

Technically, this is a sweatshirt made to look like an ugly Christmas sweater, which, much like the tuxedo tee, is nerdy in and of itself. But add a physics joke to the mix, and Pow Bam Blap! Nerd delight.