The Best Umbrellas for Bookworms

Posted by Rose Moore

Rain may not be everyone’s favorite weather, but it’s not all bad, either. Curling up on the sofa with a book while the rain pours outside is almost as cozy as looking out at the snow. 

You may not be able to stay out of the rain all spring, but at least with these umbrellas, you can look fantastic while you splash through the puddles to the bookstore!

For Readers Who Can’t Decide on a Favorite

There are plenty of designs out there that are specific to a single book, but if you just can’t pick a favorite (or afford a different umbrella for every day of the week), you don’t have to! Bas Bleu has a gorgeous option covered with the titles of famously banned books. Show off your love of the classics and your rebellious reader streak at the same time. They also have a matching tote bag available, for protecting your library books from the rain.

Banned Book Umbrella


For Fashionistas

Want to show your love of all things literary without sacrificing style? Designer-label lovers will adore these two umbrellas by Burberry. The sunny yellow option has a beachy vibe, and is inspired by classic book covers. With a gorgeous wooden handle, it’s a very classic option. Their second writerly-umbrella is very sleek. White, with a scrawled signature print, it’s perfect for writers who love their labels.

Burberry Summer Reading Umbrella 

Burberry Script Umbrella


For Comic Book Nerds

Comic books are books too, and the current popularity of superheroes means that there is a huge range of umbrellas for the comic book nerd in your life. Novelty Street makes a stunning (but not overwhelming) folding umbrella covered with vintage Marvel comic covers. The Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and more make an appearance. Or, if you would rather trumpet your love of a specific character, CassaRaptorCreations makes a range of hero-inspired brollies, including these Batman and Deadpool options.

Comic Book Umbrellas

Deadpool Umbrella

Batman Umbrella


For Potterheads

If you can’t get enough of the magical wizarding world created by J. K. Rowling, it probably isn’t a surprise to learn that there are plenty of umbrellas for your fandom. The Universal store stocks a Gryffindor golf umbrella, although it may not be the most practical for the witch or wizard about town. They also only have one in red and gold, meaning that Slytherins, Ravenclaws, and Hufflepuffs are left out in the rain without an umbrella for their house. However, there are still other options – like Hot Topic’s Maruader’s Map umbrella, or CassaRaptorCreations Mischief Managed version.

Gryffindor Umbrella

Mischief Managed Umbrella

Marauders Map Umbrella


For Lovers Of Childhood Nostalgia

For something a little more brightly colored, there’s nothing like a favorite childhood story to give you the warm and fuzzies (even in the rain). These umbrellas inspired by your favorite childhood tales are just the thing to make you smile as you avoid getting soaked. The Little Prince umbrella comes with different scenes from the famed book on each panel, while the LiteratiClub’s Cheshire Cat sprawls over the whole thing. These Peter Pan umbrellas may take a lot of their imagery from the Disney adaptation, but they are still stunning.

The Little Prince Umbrella

Alice in Wonderland Umbrella

Peter Pan Umbrella

Flying Peter Pan Umbrella


For Fans of the Classics

Last, but absolutely not least, are those umbrellas inspired by the classics. Get your very own Mary Poppins umbrella with a green parrot handle (flight and the ability to transform lives not included) from the Playbill Store. If mysteries are more your thing, check out these Sherlock-inspired options – they may be based primarily on the TV series, but they are still wonderful nods to the original novels. The Literati Club also has gorgeous (and subtly colored) umbrellas paying homage to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

Literati Club 

Sherlock Umbrella

Mary Poppins Umbrella