10 Excellent Reasons to Date a Bookworm

Posted by Jo Pincushion

Photo via PhotoSteve101

Bookworms seem like anti-social wallflowers with their nose buried into a good novel. This is not the case! Books instill a significant amount of culture and imagination, and those are great qualities when it comes to a romantic partner.

You’d be surprised by the amount of game a bookworm has. Here are 10 reasons why you should date one.

They’re Adventurous: Ever wanted to try river rafting? How about skydiving? Bookworms spend their free time reading about far away lands and exciting adventures. They would love to be the person in the middle of the action. A bookworm is always up for trying something new and adventurous. You should definitely take the time to get to know a bookworm’s adventurous spirit. (Photo via)

They’re Romantic: The Notebook, Pride and Prejudice, Gone With The Wind—these are some classic romantic novels that bookworms eat up. They love to read all the mushy details, and stockpile those ideas for their own romantic explorations. A true bookworm will go far beyond the traditional flowers and chocolates and move onto professing their love for you in the pouring rain without an umbrella. If you’re starving for a little romance in your life—a bookworm is who you should be dating.

They’re Problem Solvers: When you spend your days reading all types of stories—you become an avid problem solver. Bookworms are exposed to all different types of scenarios, and they’ve learned how to get themselves out of all sorts of trouble. They can help you with a tough decision you need to make, or even easily iron out a problem between the both of you. If you have a bookworm as a partner you’ll also have someone in your corner willing to help you solve all of the problems life has to offer. (Photo via)

They Can Express Themselves: Ever date someone that has a hard time telling you how they feel? Well, you won’t have that problem with a bookworm! They spend their time reading one of the most respected forms of expression. With all that time reading, they’re bound to pick up a trick or two. Bookworms are able to express how they’re feeling through the power of words, and that can help make any relationship a little easier.

They’re Patient: Bookworms are no strangers to patience. After all, they have to sit through some of the most uneventful parts of their favorite stories in order to get to the good parts. Bookworms have an unshakable sense of patience when it comes to the long arduous process of courting. Bookworms will also be patient with you when things are tough, and that is an important characteristic with any relationship.

They Can Tell a Story: Not only do bookworms ingest a good amount of stories, but they can also tell a few. When you’re getting to know someone, swapping stories of childhood and High School is a great way to become familiar. Want to unwind from a long day? Your bookworm can tell you how their day was in an entertaining way. The bookworm is not only willing to share these stories, but you’re going to have a great time listening to them. (Photo via)

They Don’t Mind Silence: The true test of a great relationship is the ability to sit together in silence. Bookworms thrive on silence. In fact, I’m pretty sure they feed off it. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit with your partner and read a good book without having to have any conversation. The bookworm can give you these moments of serenity.

They Listen: Not only do bookworms love silence, but they also know when to shut up and listen. They spend their days absorbing all sorts of stories, and they don’t mind listening to yours. Bookworms are great at listening. They don’t mind hearing about your day, or how you’ve been feeling. They’re not just sitting there on autopilot—they’re actually listening.

They’re Loyal: J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, and Suzanne Collins. Why do these authors have so much success? It’s partly because they’re fans are so dang loyal. Bookworms find an author and stick with them. A bookworm is very loyal, and once they find someone they like (or even love) there is no stopping them from supporting everything they do. It’s probably one of the best qualities a bookworm has to offer. (Photo via)

They’re Creative: Bookworms are exposed to all different kinds of ideas. They also have a few ideas spinning in their own heads. The more a bookworm exposes themselves to stories, the more creative ideas they’ll have. You won’t be having the same old dinner and a movie date with bookworms. Oh no. They’ll come up with more creative ideas that are bound to keep you guessing.