The Best Compliments For Bookish People In Your Life

Posted by Rose Moore

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay.

We love bookworms.

They’re an interesting breed, though. The true bookworm is rarely out in public, preferring to remain somewhere warm and close to an endless supply of tea and new reading material. They can be quiet creatures, and if left alone, will usually either find a book or pull a book out of their bag, because they are always carrying one. They are on Snapchat less than Goodreads, and care about cover art more than beauty products. They are strange, but brilliant, living a thousand lives inside their heads, traveling the world from the safety of their comfy chair. It shows, too. If you are lucky enough to have a bookworm in your life, you will know that they have an encyclopedic knowledge of strange and varied subjects, thanks to a novel they read where a character was into that kind of thing. They will be open minded and careful thinkers, likely to sprinkle their speech with beautiful and intricate phrases. And oh, you have not lived until you have heard a bookworm’s flowery-but-brutal insults when someone interrupts them reading.

Yes, we love bookworms, but it can be difficult to know just how to compliment these bookish people in a way that will truly convey just how special the are to us. Luckily, we’re here to help, with some perfect compliments for the bookish people you love.




“You’re the Hermione To My Ron/Harry.”

Use Ron if you are in love with the bookworm, use Harry if you are friends with them. Either way, they will know from these six simple words that you rely on them, that you admire them, that you would be lost without them and you know they are ten times smarter than you.


“You always give the best book recommendations!”

Bookworms never give a recommendation lightly. They spend time carefully considering, choosing books that they truly believe speak to the person they offer them to, so if you compliment them on a book they have recommended, you are really telling them this: you know me.


“I would trust you with my favorite book.”

This takes telling someone you trust them to the next level. It’s like telling your them that you would trust them to care for a piece of your soul, your firstborn child, your beloved pets. A favorite book isn’t just about the novel itself, it’s about the dog-eared, tearstained copy brimming with memories.




“You are a better friend than Samwise Gamgee.”

This is the ultimate level of friendship. Could there be a better friend that someone like Sam, who would literally walk to the ends of the Earth to help his bestie out, no matter what? Who is always kind and compassionate, even when Frodo is being horrible to him because of the One Ring? Even if you don’t get the references, trust us. This is true friendship.


“Wow, you read so many books! That's awesome.”

Bookworms may not like to admit it, but they can get a little bit competitive, and everybody loves to show off just a little bit! When they tell you how many books they’ve read that year/month/day, be suitably impressed.


“You would totally win the Hunger Games.”

Not all bookworms are couch potatoes, and some get a little bit sick of the shy, retiring, mousy stereotypes (although plenty don’t mind that at all if it means being left alone to read). So if you want to compliment their brawn, not just their brains, tell them that they’d be the one left standing in the Arena if they lived in Panem.


“Your bookshelves are beautiful!”

Non-bookworms see shelves as just a helpful place to store books. Bookworms, especially the ones whose Instagram feeds are filled with #shelfies, spend hours arranging their precious books in a way that is functional and beautiful. Take the compliment to the next level by suggesting that they start their own Instagram just for their gorgeous books and book photos.


“I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”

Okay, this compliment works for everybody! But it’s especially perfect for bookish types who are always trying to make the world understand that they are perfectly happy, thank you very much. Sick of being told they read too much, they need to get out more, etc. Telling them that you love their introverted, tea-drinking, book-reading self is just a wonderful thing to hear.




What kind of bookish compliments do you love to receive? Comment and let us know!

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