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Literary Board Games: Twister


Twister: the game for the whole family that has been awkwardly twisting bodies, spraining ankles, and bumping heads since 1966. Which means, if we did our math correctly, it’ll be celebrating 50th anniversary this year. In honor of this huge birthday, we’re celebrating by giving it not one, but TWO book-inspired editions. So put on your favorite socks, stretch those muscles, and spin. 

Posted by Jamie Canaves

A Bookworm’s Guide To Literary Tattoos

If you love the look of ink on paper, you may be one of the many readers who is transferring their passion to their own skin. Of course, finding a favorite tattoo artist is similar to finding a favorite author, and for every J. K. Rowling (or Nikko Hurtado) there are dozens of hacks and scratchers (the term for untrained and barely capable “tattoo artists” who can usually be found working out of their garage for cheap).

Likewise, deciding exactly what to get can feel overwhelming; that’s where a great artist really comes into their own. How many of us have had a great idea for a book, only to be unable to get the words on paper? Designing a tattoo is something like that, except that you can’t go back and edit (at least, not without a great deal of thought, time and pain!).

If you are just starting to consider the kind of literary tattoo you might want, here’s some advice to help you out.

Posted by Rose Moore

Decor for the Ultimate Literary Dorm Room

College is a remarkable time to be a bookworm. You're living independently for the first time and establishing your preferred methods self-expression—be it the literary magazine, an a capella group that does nothing but Taylor Swift mash-ups, or the LARPing group that meets in the quad every Friday. And if you're an English major, get ready to acquire more volumes of 18th and 19th Century Poetry than you ever cared to own. So after you hug your acceptance letter and get your room assignment, the next step is to decorate your side of the room in a way that really shows off your bookish personality. And we at Quirk are more than happy to get you started with these awesome finds: 

Posted by Jamie Canaves

A Brief History of the Love Letter

Real talk? Wilhelm Staehle is one talented gentleman. 

Yesterday, the Quirk publicity team awoke to find a hilarious video in our inboxes, crafted by Staehle himself. A Brief History of the Love Letter is just that, and serves as a great introduction to Staehle's love-themed postcard book, Hugs & Misses

Watch, and enjoy! Thanks Wilhelm! 

Posted by Eric Smith

How To Stop this Terrible Awful Horrible Winter

Posted by Rick Chillot

What To Do This Fall

Posted by Rick Chillot