Decor for the Ultimate Literary Dorm Room

Posted by Jamie Canaves

College is a remarkable time to be a bookworm. You're living independently for the first time and establishing your preferred methods self-expression—be it the literary magazine, an a capella group that does nothing but Taylor Swift mash-ups, or the LARPing group that meets in the quad every Friday. And if you're an English major, get ready to acquire more volumes of 18th and 19th Century Poetry than you ever cared to own. So after you hug your acceptance letter and get your room assignment, the next step is to decorate your side of the room in a way that really shows off your bookish personality. And we at Quirk are more than happy to get you started with these awesome finds: 

Why don’t we start with a very welcoming Old Books rug which looks like a perfect place to sit and read a book—especially if your room has limited seating because your roommate's smooching buddy is always over.

Maybe you just finished signing that form where you promise if anything isn’t exactly as it was on the first day of school you’ll have to pay for it? Here are three bookish coasters to choose from that will at least keep you safe from leaving water rings on the furniture: Library coaster set; Sci-Fi coaster set; Punk authors coaster set.

Sometimes friends will swing by your room to visit while you are reading and you don’t want to lose your place but the only papers around are your Intro to Psychology notes? Just lay your book on your Book Rest Lamp.

Who doesn’t want an Old Book messenger bag that will look just as good hanging from your shoulder as it will in the corner of the room or hanging from a chair?

Let Shakespeare help you keep some breath mints handy and inviting to your guests. 

Students still use pencils and pens right? Okay, good because here is a Poe pencil case (also perfect for carrying toiletries if the showers are down the hall—don’t forget the flip-flops!) and a First Lines of Literature mug perfect for desk décor to hold your pens or any items you’d like to not roll away.

But the walls are so boring and plain, you say. We say, Bring some Hogwarts magic to your dorm with Harry Potter Peel & Stick Wall Decals! (We recommend testing to make sure they come off without damage.)

Olde Book Pillow Classics have two advantages to the real thing: comfy to lay your head on; dust and humidity won’t destroy them.

Because mastering multipurpose items is a must in dorm living here’s a Jane Austen mug/cereal/ ice cream bowl.

While you probably won’t be getting as much sleep as you’d like maybe you’d find comfort crashing in bed with Hemingway when you do get some rest.

Not a one-author kind of student? How about a Bookworm duvet for your love of all authors and books.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own bathroom in your room we suggest hanging World Domination for Cats as your shower curtain and scrubbing clean with Lord of the Rings themed soap.

And because most importantly you should not be late to class or work here are two bookish clocks to keep you on time: Karlsson Book Clock and Alice in Wonderland Clock.