How To Stop this Terrible Awful Horrible Winter

Posted by Rick Chillot


This miserable winter weather is taking an unbearable toll on our infractructure, well-being, and sanity. Isn't it time we called on a higher power? Only one being can help us, and we all know who He is. So please, recite this prayer often, and share this with everyone you know. It's our only chance.

A message from the First Reformed Church of the Holy Heat Miser

Rick Chillot

Rick Chillot

RICK CHILLOT is a former baby and current writer and editor at Quirk Books. He has contributed to magazines such as Psychology Today, Parenting, Mental Floss, and Prevention. In his twenty-plus years in publishing he’s interviewed about a jillion scientists and doctors and therefore had no need to consult any of them for this book.