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Happy Frankenstein Day!

This Sunday, August 30, is Frankenstein Day…and the birthday of the beloved monster's creator, Mary Shelley. What better way to celebrate than to create your own monster? Here's how Shelley did it…good luck!

Infographic created for Quirk Books by Michael Rogalski, eyewashweb.com.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

A Playlist for Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is literature and pop culture’s most iconic sleuth. He’s clever, intuitive, quirky, and yes, arrogant. Sherlock isn’t afraid to break rules or social conventions, but his fierce logic always wins out and solves the mystery. And since he plays the violin, we know he enjoys music. We put together a perfect playlist a modern day sherlock would enjoy while solving crimes in the shadows of London. 

Posted by Margarita Montimore

Camp Plot-A-Wanna: Grab a Map, Read the Schedule, and Meet your Bunk Buddies

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CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA is a weekly 8-part series where Quirk Books staffers reimagine famous authors as pre-teens, stuck together at summer camp. Check out the rest of the posts here. It is also an entirely fictional place. Please don't have your parents drop you off at our offices with sleeping bags.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

A Jane Austen Nerd Recommends Movies

In a Jane Austen mood, but would rather relax on the couch with some popcorn? I know exactly how you feel. Here are some recommendations from a fellow Janeite on movies that’ll scratch that Austen itch.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

How to Be Awesome at Sneaking In More Reading Time (Without Getting Fired)

Photo via Blogging Cage

My friends know me as The Reader. They never call me this to my face, but my phone is filled with texts asking for book recommendations, silences are filled with questions about what I’m reading, and folks who come over to my apartment often leave with something from my library tucked under their arm. (I’ve lost more books than I care to admit this way.) Since 2010, I’ve read fifty-two books a year. Give or take.  I just love books so much, guys.

Over the years, I’ve read magazine articles and blog posts listing ways to sneak in more reading time. And they’re great. But recently, I’ve been seeing tips that include keeping an ebook open on your desktop at work or going for a “cigarette break” with your novel. And I know that if I tried to pull something like that at work, I’d be called into a meeting to discuss my job performance. So here are some ways I sneak reading into my day – without getting fired.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

Quirk Perks: Get The Jane Austen Handbook for Only $3.99 This Month!

THE JANE AUSTEN HANDBOOK by Margaret C. Sullivan


Long before Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Quirk published this guide to life in Regency England to the delight of Austen fans everywhere. Newly published with a revised cover, The Jane Austen Handbook offers step-by-step instructions for proper comportment in the early 19th century. Readers will discover:

Posted by Eric Smith