6 Beach Reading Alternatives for Those Who Stay Out of the Sun

Posted by Margaret Dunham

[source: by Pexels on Pixabay]

“Great beach reading for the summer!”

“Be sure to toss this new title in your beach bag – next to the sunglasses and SPF 50!”

“The perfect paperback for poolside sunbathing!”

Ever feel like summer reading means you have to head to the beach and the rays to get your reading done?

While lots of people enjoy digging into a new breeze book while soaking up sunshine and digging their toes into the sand, there are plenty of us who prefer to stay out of direct sunlight.

If reading on the sandy shores isn't quite your cup of tea, here are some alternative locales to consider for your leisurely summertime reading. Enjoy the season… without the sand!



If you're fortunate enough to live in a home (or be visiting a home-away-from-home) with a porch, that's an ideal place to set up a summertime reading sanctuary! Built-in awnings and umbrellas create enough shelter from the sun while you enjoy the warmth of the season.



If you want to soak in summer in the great outdoors, but still want to avoid those distracting sunny rays, a tree is an excellent place to hide away with your book of choice. Choose a tree with dense leaves and a thick trunk, and consider taking along a cushion to sit on. (Roots can be dirty and uncomfortable to sit on for an extended period of time.)



It's a common misconception that you have to go outside to enjoy the summer weather. If you'd prefer to stay inside, that's a-ok! Set yourself up by a window with your book and a glass of something refreshing, and you'll be ready to read all day enjoying the summer breeze (without the summer bugs).



Who doesn't love pulling out a book in a cheerful cafe? Plus, if they've cranked up the air conditioning or have the ceiling fans running (or ideally, both), then you can enjoy your book in the comfort of a cool space with ready access to snacks all summer long.



There's so much to do during the day — never underestimate the pleasure of reading on a summer night! As the air cools down for the evening, click on that trusty lamp and enjoy the summer evening breeze as you tuck yourself into a great story.



Heading to the beach anyway, despite all these lovely alternatives? The beach umbrella is a time honored and very effective sun-avoidance tactic! Enjoy the company of others and the occasional dip in the water… knowing that the comfort of a shady reading spot is ready when you are.


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