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Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Eat a Donut, Read a Book!

(Image source: Heather Ford on Unsplash)

News flash — we love donuts so much that we're celebrating National Donut Day ALL MONTH LONG. If you’re thinking, "But if I eat a donut while reading, I'll get my book/e-reader all sticky and the ants will come!” Don’t worry. We've mastered eating donuts while reading.

Option 1: Designate one hand for page turning and one hand for donut holding—never switch.

Option 2: Go the prim and proper way and eat your donut with a fork and knife, a method even a Queen would approve of—or Meghan Markle. Now on to the important stuff: which donut to eat with what book?

Posted by Jamie Canaves

How-To Tuesday: Baked Chocolate Bananas

End the summer on a solid note with an alternative to regular ol' s'mores. Here's an excerpt from Campfire Cuisine by Robin Donovon!

Posted by Christina Schillaci

Elfin Creatures Ranked By Coolness

Leprechauns are the general mascot of St. Patrick’s Day, which makes sense, since they’re from Irish folklore. But as far as tiny, magical elves go in general, should leprechauns be the most famous? Below, we present to you a definitive scientific study of tiny elfin coolness. You’re welcome in advance.

Posted by Eve Legato

Recipe: The Perfect Pie Dough from “Making Dough”

Excerpted from our Making Dough cookbook by Russell van Kraayenburg.

YIELD: 1 pound  |  PREP TIME: 2 hours  |  BAKE TIME: varies


6 ounces bread flour

2 ounces cake flour

1 teaspoon salt

7 ounces (14 tablespoons) unsalted butter, cold

¼ cup water

Posted by Russell van Kraayenburg

Quirk Perk: Marshmallow Madness

Marshmallow Madness! by Shauna Sever only $3.99!

Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Google PlayKobo

Posted by Julie Leung