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The Making Dough Challenge

It’s a no-brainer: dough recipe book release + holiday season = bake-off celebration! Russell van Kraayenburg’s Making Dough is all about demystifying baking. It claims that you can master all different kinds of pastry doughs if you know the ratios between five ingredients—flour, butter, water, sugar, and eggs.

Ten intrepid food bloggers have agreed to put Russell’s claim to the test, by taking up the mantle of the #MakingDough Challenge. We’ve given five bloggers the book’s biscuit dough recipe, and the pie dough recipe to five more. Their challenge: to take that dough recipe and make a pie/biscuits of their own.

Follow along for some holiday baking inspiration.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

November Quirk Perks: The Cookiepedia

9 Horror-ific Cakes for Stephen King’s Birthday!

Today is Stephen King’s birthday and since scaring the bejesus out of him, like so many of his books have done to us, would probably certainly land us in jail we’ve decided the best way to celebrate the King (literally and figuratively) of horror is with cake. Stephen King inspired cake that is because we like to think he’d approve of us eating desserts inspired by his creations—gore frosted and all—to celebrate his birth.

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Quirk Perks: Four Cookbooks On Sale Now!

If you can't take the heat…then get into the kitchen! In this month's batch of Quirk Perks, you can get all four of these delectable cookbooks for only $3.99 each on your Kindle! Click below for the Kindle links or scroll down to learn more about each cookbook!


Posted by Julie Leung



Cooking with Flowers by Miche Bacher for $3.99! 


Posted by Nicole De Jackmo

Happy Pi Day: Make a Venn Pie-agram!

In honor of Pi Day tomorrow, learn how you can make The Venn Pie-agram!

This year will be the most authentic Pi Day you’ve ever experienced, since the date is 3-14-15—as close as we can get to 3.1415 in our lifetime! So how do you make this nerdiest of all pies? Let’s get started.

Posted by Suzanne Wallace